How do you create a server in Minecraft to protect children?

Since minecraft launched in a distant 2009, millions of players have enjoyed creating their own worlds, facing challenges and dangers and, ultimately, having fun and developing your creativity in equal parts. And what about the younger players. Children all over the world play or have played Minecraft, which is even used as educational tool in some schools. That is why we are going to explain how to create a homemade Minecraft server.

And it is that Minecraft is basically an online game. A game that requires the client program, for the player, and the Minecraft server program that houses the pixelated world that characterizes Minecraft so much. A world that we can customize and manipulate according to the rules that we set for the server. Come on, you can access a Minecraft server online or create your own.

Have your own Minecraft server it has its advantages. You will prevent your children they see them with strangers about whom we know nothing. We will prevent them from viewing content or activities that may not be age appropriate. And we will allow them to have fun and enjoy themselves in a virtual world created specifically for them. And for those who want to invite, of course.

Your own Minecraft server for kids

Minecraft is a game that is indicated for children from 7 years. However, the activities and games that are recreated in your virtual world, depending on the chosen server, can make that age limit go up to 10 years or more. Being such a versatile game, it is inevitable that there will be different types of players, different activities and preferences. That’s why they exist age diverse minecraft servers.

If your kids play Minecraft or want to and you’re not sure if it’s a good idea, you’re in luck. You are not the first father who has that fear. That’s why there are Minecraft servers for children. Designed so that the youngest members of the household can learn, have fun and become familiar with the Internet, online games and other activities that, sooner or later, they will do online.

The dangers of Minecraft are the same as we can find on the street. Being an online game with chat, we can find bad language, bad behavior, players who break the rules or prevent others from having fun freely… Hence the suitability of create your own server or to access a designed for minors.

Here is a list of minecraft servers for kids. They have rules of behavior, they offer activities for minors and they have solutions if someone crosses the line. Most are in English, but they do have Spanish speaking users.

  • blockland
  • kids club
  • Minesquish
  • CrazyPig
  • ohanacraft

But if what you really want is to control the Minecraft server and avoid problems and unforeseen events online, we’ll tell you how create it yourself. So your child or children can have fun in the world of Minecraft without surprises. And it’s easier than it seems.

How to create a Minecraft server online

Whether you want to play with your children or prefer to let them have fun on their own, having your own Minecraft server is (almost) all advantages. You can configure it your way, control who plays, turn chat on or off, allow certain activities or games, etc. What’s more, your children will be able to play with their friends on that same server instead of “hanging out” on an external server. Another advantage is that you can create your own server for free.

A few years ago, to have your own Minecraft server you needed to install it on your computer. But the Minecraft community has grown so much that there are now services that make it easy to create private servers. They are stored on an external computer but only whoever you decide will have access to it. It is the fastest and easiest way thanks to names like Aternos or Minehut. Both are free and allow customize your server in all aspects.

Whether you choose Aternos as if you choose minehut, you will have to register as a user. You indicate an email address, a password and some more information and that’s it. With Aternos you can use your Google ID to go faster. Once you have your account created, you can start create servers. For now, one will suffice.

We will have to assign a name to the Minecraft server. The wizard will tell you if the name is free or you should think of something else. you can also choose server type, since there are several versions of Minecraft. For example, the classic, available online from the browser. There is also the Java version, available for PC and Mac. Or the Bedrock version, which is compatible with the Windows 10 client and the mobile versions (Android, iPhone, iPad). Depending on where your child wants to play from, it will be better for you to choose one or the other.

Customize and maintain your Minecraft server

Even if it’s miles away, the Minecraft server you’ve created works like a normal one. So you’ll have to turn it on or turn it on when you want to use it and turn it off when you don’t want your kids to play. there you should agree on a few hours of play. To invite other players there is a shared link or URL. On the other hand, there are plenty of options to edit. In Aternos They are in Spanish, so it will be easy for you to recognize them. In any case, both Aternos What minehut They offer tutorials and help.

Over time, we can customize the Minecraft server by adding custom worlds with games, activities or various adventures. It is also possible load mods or plugins to add new scenarios, activities or game possibilities. And of course, we have the possibility of disable monsters, NPCs, animals, regulate the level of difficulty, limit the players that can enter, the game mode, etc. At first, while your children play Minecraft, you will play to customize the game itself. Sooner or later you will achieve game space suitable for children

On the part of the player, to access the server you just have to open the Minecraft client, go to the tab servers and click on Add server. We indicate the name, the link that we have seen and the port that it uses. Those data are in the server configuration that we have created. And that’s it. Once they have entered the server they can give free rein to their imagination and have a great time with everything minecraft has to offer.

Play classic Minecraft online

If you don’t want to complicate yourself, you can choose to use the classic Minecraft. Is a web version of the original minecraft from 2009. Its peculiarities are that you can play it from the browser, without installing additional applications. And by means of the generated link that you will see when entering the game, you will be able to play with up to 9 other players. Also from the web browser. It’s that simple.

dodrawbacks? You can’t save your game or changes, so it’s a way to get started in Minecraft and have a good time without headaches but without aspiring to create large constructions for weeks. For that you will have to go to the other versions of Minecraft. But for starters, it’s not bad at all.