Here’s how Apple is shipping EarPods with iPhone 12 ordered in France

Apple continues to ship EarPods with its iPhone 12 and other models in France. This is how the company is doing it.

As part of its environmental efforts, Apple stopped shipping EarPods and power adapters with new phone orders around the world. The only exception is France, where local regulations seem to require the combination of EarPods with cellular devices.

However, the new iPhone cases without accessories are thinner than the previous packaging. But instead of shipping larger boxes in a single country, Apple appears to include actual iPhone boxes within a larger box that includes the EarPods, according to YouTube channel TheiCollection.

It’s quite a fancy solution, as iPhone devices are mass-produced and packaged, which would make it difficult and inefficient to ship different boxes within an individual country. The specific law in France that requires packaged headsets is related to a regulation aimed at limiting exposure to radio emissions.

Along with the new iPhone 12 models Apple also stopped shipping audio and charging accessories with any iPhone currently sold, including the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR.