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Here are the first Xiaomi smart glasses

Here are the first Xiaomi smart glasses

Xiaomi yesterday unveiled its first pair of smart glasses, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. The company joins the ranks of Google, Snapchat, Nreal and Lenovo in the launch of smart glasses, but unlike the products sold by these companies, Xiaomi’s offer does not immerse the user with a vision of the world in augmented reality.

In a press release, it is stated that these glasses only weigh 51g and they look the same as ordinary glasses, features that were made possible by the choice of using a micro LED to reduce the space needed in the structural design of the glasses by equipping them with even a larger one pixel densitylonger lifespan, simpler structure and higher brightness than OLED.

The internal display chip measures 2.4mm x 2.02mm, with individual 4μm pixels, thus allowing it to be inserted into the frame of the glasses. To make it possible to view content through Xiaomi Smart Glasses even in direct sunlight, the company has opted for a display solution monochrome which reaches a brightness of up to 2 million nits.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses are also equipped with dual microphones beamformingspeakers, a 5MP camera, an indicator light to alert others when the camera is in use, a quad-core ARM chip, an integrated battery, a touch pad, a combined Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module and of course the operating system Android.

The well-known Chinese company did not mention i pricesa release date or availability, but the product is likely not will see a launch outside the China.