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Health and wellness with Movistar Salud: how to take care of yourself using this digital resource

Health and wellness with Movistar Salud: how to take care of yourself using this digital resource

Nowadays, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of personal health and well being. As expected, technology has contributed to the goal of ensuring these key aspects of life on a daily basis. Discover the main care trends and the way in which tools like Movistar Salud help us monitor our Health & Wellness.

What is wellness?

The Global Wellness Institute (nd) defines wellness as the active pursuit of decisions and activities that lead to holistic health. Thus, it not only has to do with having an optimal physical condition and a healthy weight, but also with aspects that go beyond the physical level:

Although many wellness practices can be traced back to ancient civilizations in the East and West, modern holistic care modalities date from the 1960s and 1970s. They have evolved into current trends such as healthy living, self care, and nutrition.

The health emergency derived from the pandemic has put the spotlight on various levels of human life. Within this framework, we have reimagined everyday activities. Seeing a doctor or exercising are matters that have a new face: the digital one.

Online medical appointments

Telemedicine consists of health care services Health & Wellness remote. They are made possible by the use of technology, either:

Its adoption has exploded recently. Frost & Sullivan assures that online medical consultation increased 124% during 2020 in the United States.

Likewise, McKinsey reveals that this year 46% of patients in that country have used telemedicine to replace face to face consultations.

exercise online

The ways to exercise to contribute to our Health & Wellness have also changed. The consumption of exercise videos in applications and subscription platforms has grown. It is estimated that the future of fitness businesses lies in omnichannel operation, combining face to face and virtual sessions. These would aim to be in real time using streaming or with content on demand.

Likewise, global fitness brands are addressing critical issues of remote exercise. This is the case of the risk of training too little or too much. For example, Apple Fitness will suggest workouts based on the intensity of the user’s last workout. For its part, Nike offers guided running sessions and training through the Apple Watch.

A comprehensive digital health and wellness option

This is how today there are many resources to take care of your Health & Wellness. Movistar Salud is an option that combines online medical care and exercise and nutrition programs. It is a service through an application or web available for individuals, families and companies that use Movistar or other operators.

Remote medical consultations

With Movistar Salud you access primary care 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone or video call. Additionally, the treating physician can prescribe exams and private electronic prescriptions.

In addition, you can do a digital pre assessment of symptoms, which recommends the level of medical interaction you need. This artificial intelligence tool covers more than 660 pathologies.

Exercise routines in the palm of your hand

Likewise, Movistar Salud includes the ‘Get in shape’ plan to complement your Health & Wellness. This personalized nutrition and exercise program is designed by health professionals. Weekly, it distributes emails with exercise and diet guidelines, as well as support material.

As you can see, carrying out activities that contribute to your purposes of Health & Wellness It’s getting easier with the help of technology. So improve your health and get in shape with Movistar Salud!