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GTA Online: Double Rewards for the ******, new clothing and more

GTA Online: Double Rewards for the ******, new clothing and more

We present the Bravado Gauntlet Classic. A car from another era. Don’t be fooled – this veteran of the road is rock solid and ready to take out any rampant car out there. This is a true muscle car.

If you want to do some work on the Diamond’s behalf, the ****** assignments they’ll get you Double GTA $ & RP until August 14th. To initiate these Freemode assignments as boss or CEO, call Ms. Baker with your iFruit to do them alone or with members of your organization.

About organizations, guards and associates will have double wages For the whole week.

If you’re still working on your beach physique, or feel uncomfortable shirtless in the pool, we know how to fix it. Those who log into GTA Online this week will receive the Red Diamond ****** and Resort T-shirt. Offers the house.

This week, pop into the Lucky Wheel every day to try and win prizes like GTA $, RP, clothing, and a chance to grab the main prize, the iconic Pegassi Infernus Classic.

The ****** shop it’s the perfect place to invest your hard-won chips. Choose from clothes and accessories, including the new vests, jackets and masks Big Piece, or coveted works of art, signed by famous contemporary artists such as Gaspar Losa, Trenton Goode and Cande Viteri, with which to decorate your penthouse.

This week Los Santos offers unmissable discounts that will give your burgeoning empire a boost:

All GTA Online players who have linked your Social Club account to Twitch Prime can still buy the main attic of the Diamond ****** and Resort and receive a refund of the basic penthouse price within 72 hours. And it doesn’t stop there: those who have completed their registration by 5 August can purchase theOcelot Stromberg with 70% discount And any yacht with 85% discount and will also receive one Additional 10% discount on items on sale this week listed above.

Those who are eligible for the first round of the Diamond Program rewards will receive the following items by August 13:

These items will be listed as “Free” in the menus of the relevant stores. Stay tuned for details on how to qualify for the second round of the Diamond Program rewards and updates on gameplay, vehicles and other new features at the Diamond ****** and Resort.