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Green devices: can technology help the environment?

Green devices: can technology help the environment?

Have you stopped to think that we have more and more devices at home? Since 4G and WiFI 5 came into our lives, with their subsequent 5G and WiFi 6, Connectivity in the home has become so powerful that in many ways it is difficult for us to think about what our life was like without these devices., without the speed and without the connectivity. Smart speakers, smart lights, smart thermostats, kitchen robots, robots that vacuum for us… voice assistants like Aura that help us perform certain tasks of the day through voice and much more.

But, all these devices… do they generate an impact on the environment? Are we promoting an increasingly large carbon footprint? What are green devices?

Green devices and environmental impact

The truth is devices are more streamlined and smarter. Which, in some way, helps us when it comes to saving energy or optimizing certain processes. However, with planned obsolescence, it is difficult to keep those devices with us for a long period of time. And that is where environmentalists raise their hands. One of the clearest examples is when it comes to renewing smartphones where most of them do not last more than two years in our hands.

In this case, the environmental impact of smartphones occurs primarily in its supply chain, where oil is needed to produce much of the device’s components. And also in the manufacturing process itself, where the vast majority of electronic components are produced in Chinaa country where coal remains one of the dominant energy sources.

Taking this into account, what can we do to somehow curb the environmental impact?

How can we contribute to the environment with our technological purchases?

before purchase

Perhaps one of the key steps starts right here. Learning about the alternatives is essential to choose the best device. Many times, not even a high price ensures having the best option. For this reason, it is interesting to review the electrical consumption or battery autonomy of the device. It is also useful to search for product reviews to find out what is the experience of other customers when using it. That will help you make the best decision and ensure that you purchase a quality device.

You can also find out how much CO2 emission the manufacturing of your device has generated to offset the carbon footprint. But we will tell you about that a little further down.

How to make your devices last longer

If what you want is for your devices to last as long as possible, there are certain things that are in our power to achieve it. One of them is to make sure that we always charge them with official chargers, to prevent them from being damaged by low quality copies or chargers. Also, if you use unofficial chargers, you run the risk of your device being hacked.

Another fundamental aspect: take care of it from the water. It seems quite simple, but as we spend time with our device we tend to lose that “fear” that it will break down. In those cases, it is quite simple for us to put a glass on top of the computer or to place the mobile next to the tap while we watch something. Given this, avoid water and very high or very low temperatures that could damage the device.

If, for example, it is a smartphone, take it with a quality protective case or tempered glass, they will help you extend its useful life and protect it from normal falls and bumps derived from use.

What to do when the device no longer serves you?

If the reason for its renewal is simply to replace it with a new model, the ideal is that you try to find a second life for your device. Giving it to a friend or family member or selling it could keep someone else using it for a few more years.

Is the reason for the renewal that the smartphone no longer works? It’s time to recycle it. But… what do we do with it? The simplest option is to give it to the establishment where we are going to buy a new one. As Recyclia stated for Verne: “Any store of more than 400 square meters that sells electronic devices is also obliged to collect old models, if they occupy less than 25 centimeters. An area must be available to store them for recycling«.

If you prefer to buy the device in an online store, you also have alternatives to recycle them. On this interactive map you can check which is the Collection Point for electronic devices closest to your home or work.

Tu.com seeks to combat the carbon footprint

Tu.com is the first e commerce that offers sustainable technology in Spain. Within its catalog you can find a wide range of electronic products (smartphones, tablets, wearables, and a long etcetera). But what sets you apart from other companies? Your commitment to the environment. tu.com is committed to “ECO technology”, the one that seeks to combat the carbon footprint produced by the manufacturing process of the devices. “Our customers value, along with a wide range of electronic devices and competitive prices, the contribution to improving the planet.” Alberto Miguel, from the tu.com team, affirmed

“An average mobile phone generates 55kg of carbon emissions during all these production processes. At first glance, it might not seem like a large amount, but it looms large when multiplied by the 1.55 billion smartphones sold each year around the world.” They report from tu.com on their blog.

When you buy a product on its website, you get a figure: the KG of CO2 it has generated. They will show you projects from which you can choose a project to offset your carbon footprint for free. In addition, you will receive the compensation certificate. In this link you can learn more about their commitment and discover what initiatives are active.

And now, tu.com will also be available among the catalog of digital experiences of Living Apps. To access, you need to be a Fusion Client and have the UHD Decoder or the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder. If you meet these requirements, you will be able to access the Living Apps catalog. You will find it in the top menu of Movistar+, called “Apps”. Once you select the menu and enter it, you will see different sections with different Living Apps. To find your.com, scroll down to the section called “Purchases.” There you will see their logo.

How to buy in the Living App of tu.com

Once you are inside the tu.com Living App, you can browse to discover the entire catalog of products available in the store. Select the one that interests you most with your remote control and access to see all the details. In the product sheet you can see its characteristics and price. To proceed to the purchase process, select “Add to Cart”. If you want to buy more products, go back to the menu to select them and include them with the same process in your basket. If you already have everything, at the top of the screen you will see the option “View basket”. Select it to proceed with the purchase.

In that section you will see all the products that you have been including in your basket. If all the data is correct, select “Checkout”. In this step, you will be asked to enter your purchase PIN code to ensure that you are the account holder. When you finish, select “Accept purchase”. If you don’t know what your PIN code is, check it at Movistar Customer Service.

When you have entered the PIN code, you will see the screen of “Checkout”. Here you can see all the important information for the purchase: the total of the products to pay, the payment method and the address where it will arrive. If everything is correct, hit “Continue with the payment”. This is an important step because, in order to confirm the payment, you will receive a notification from the Mi Movistar App on your mobile phone that you must open. When you access the notification, you will see that there is a message “Continue from the app. Finalize the payment of your purchases on television”.

Through your Mi Movistar App you can include the credit card if you have not already done so, or select one among those you have to pay for your products. When you finish the process, you will see the confirmation message: “The payment has been made correctly”. Finally, on your television screen, you will also receive confirmation. It will appear: “Your purchase has been completed successfully”.

Access the Living App of tu.com by voice

Another advantage of Living Apps digital experiences is that you can interact with them through voice, without the need to use the remote control. This is possible thanks to the fact that Movistar’s voice devices have Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant, integrated. You want to know more? Check out:

That easy. If you want to get the most out of the voice functionalities of Movistar devices, don’t miss the Movistar Home Voice Command Guide or the Movistar+ Voice Command Guide to discover everything that Aura can do for you.