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Gran Turismo 6 on PS3: The Motivations of Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3: The Motivations of Polyphony Digital

Today, Polyphony Digitalexplained the reasons that led the team to develop Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 and not on PS4.

On the pages of the PlayStation Blogthe CEO from SCEE Jim Ryan he claims :

We produced Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 on PS One, Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo 4 on Playstation 2 and finally Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3. The difference between GT and GT 2 is incredible but they were still produced on the same platform. The difference between GT3 and GT4 is huge. For this reason we are convinced that even if GT6 arrives on the same console, it will be a great step forward compared to GT5.

The Playstation 3 still has potential to exploit and we intend to do so. Another factor that pushed us to produce the game on PS3 and not on PS4 concerns the 70 million units sold. We have reached a point where the hardware is mature, and therefore can be exploited to the maximum by knowing all its potential and features. This is what the developers can claim. We love the new technology and we intend to use it (referring to the ps4), for this reason we could both develop a port of GT6 and a new chapter of the saga. The main element that characterizes GT6 is mixing reality with virtual. Two completely different worlds.

Moral of the story? Polyphony Digital has decided to produce the sixth chapter on PS3 both because the console is currently owned by a large slice of users, and because it is possible to exploit the potential that was not used with the fifth chapter. A reasoning that is flawless. What’s the point of developing a game on a console that not everyone will buy at launch? Having said that, we remind you that Gran Turismo 6 will be available from the end of 2013.

To you the comments and personal considerations.