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Google VPN is now also available in Italy

Google VPN is now also available in Italy

G.oogle One is a subscription-based cloud service from Google, offering a wide selection of storage plans ranging from 100 GB up to 30 TB. On some plans, Google also offers freebies such as 10% cashback for Google Store purchases, Pro sessions with Google experts and Gold status on Google Play points.

Last year, Google added a another advantage at higher level floors: access to a virtual private network or VPN. Until now, the Google One VPN was only available to subscribers in the United Statesbut these days it is finally seeing a wider expansion, with the activation of the service also in North America and in five European countries.

Google has updated there its support page for Google Oneincluding these countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and United Kingdom, bringing the total count to eight. Service VPN offered by Google mainly has it scope to make browsing more safe and private by routing the traffic in an encrypted tunnel.

Since its debut, Google One’s VPN has registered numerous improvements. In June, a new whitelist VPN, which allows users to ignore certain apps from the VPN. Also recently, Google One added a new button “Snooze which allows users to pause the VPN for a short time.