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Google unveils new features for its smart ecosystem

Google unveils new features for its smart ecosystem

On the occasion of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 of Las Vegas Google has raised the curtain on exciting new features affecting its smart ecosystem. Here are all the news.

First, Big G focused on the need to render faster and easier pairing of smart devices. The quick pairing functionality, already available to quickly connect Bluetooth accessories to our smartphone, will also be extended to other devices such as wearables, cars, speakers, TVs and smart home devices. By activating quick-pairing headphones, ours Chromebook they will be able to detect them automatically and pair them with just one click; moreover, if you buy a new Chromebook, it will be possible to initialize it with the help of an Android smartphone, transferring information such as Google credentials and passwords for Wi-Fi networks.

Furthermore, in the coming months, it will be possible to configure wireless headphones based on the sound volume required when watching content on Google TV or an Android TV-based device. Finally, thanks to the arrival of integrated support for Matter on Android, you can use Quick Pairing to quickly connect your smart home devices to the network, Google Home and other complementary apps.

Another novelty concerns the unlocking of devicesi: Today it is already possible to unlock a Chromebook using an Android phone, while in the coming months this functionality will also be extended to smartwatches with Wear OS.

Thanks to a digital car key (can be shared with friends and relatives in case of need), moreover, it will be possible lock, unlock and start BMW vehicles via Pixel or Samsung smartphone; from the second half of 2022, however, for these actions it will be sufficient to keep the smartphone in your pocket, as long as it supports technology ultra broadband (UWB). Google is working to extend digital key support to more devices and vehicles during the second half of the year.

Another important change concerns the Bluetooth headphones, which will soon be able to move the audio to the device used for listening. So, if you are wearing the headphones to watch a movie on your Android tablet and you receive a phone call, the movie will pause and the audio will automatically switch from the headset to the Android phone, then return to the movie once the call is over.
Big G also wants to extend Integrated Chromecast to Bose soundbars and all third-party smart speakers.

Phone Hubpresent on Chromebooks, will be updated to allow you to resume chats on smartphones directly on the notebook, without necessarily having to reinstall the app on the device.

Finally, we point out the work done by the Mountain View giant to favor integration between Android devices and Windows PCs: Thanks to quick pairing, you can quickly onfigure your Bluetooth accessories, synchronize your SMS and share files with nearby Sharing. These functions will be available in the second half of 2022 on a selection of Acer, Asus, HP and Intel PCs.