Google Play Store Surprise and reduce your commissions in half!

In a surprise revelation, the Mountain View giant confirmed that as of July 1 it will lower its commissions on the Google Play Store from 30% to 15%. This is a strategy that arrives in a similar way to the one presented by Apple at the end of last year.

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In 2020 there were many controversies and battles between the developers and Google, complaining that the 30% commission on all transactions made in the app store was unjustified. I remember that one of the main controversies was generated by Epic Games and the elimination of Fortnite from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store will be much friendlier than Apple’s App Store

Although the changes planned for the Google Play Store follow a strategic line quite similar to that revealed by Apple last year, in practice it will be very different.

Both companies decided to lower their commission to 15%, but Apple is still the most “greedy.” Based on the new implementations, the 15% commission only applies to developers who do not reach the 1 million mark in sales. Once this happens, they are automatically taxed at 30%.

In the case of Google Play Store, the implementation is quite different. Regardless of the programmers’ annual revenue, the first million revenue will always be taxed at 15%. Only from this level, Google will charge a commission of 30% on all sales.

Please note that these fees apply to all types of transactions, be it game / app purchases, in-game purchases, or subscriptions.

According to Google, these new implementations will result in a 50% reduction in fees paid by 99% of programmers.

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via: TechCrunch

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