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Google Play Store: News coming soon

Google Play Store: News coming soon

In these hours a new version of the Google Play Store is circulating, v8.4, which de facto does not add any particular news, but from apk teardown some interesting clues about future features have emerged

First of all, we would like to point out the possible introduction of a new category, namely that relating to audio books, which today we can only find in the section of the Store dedicated to books. Some will be paid, others available for free.

We can then receive notifications about games and apps; Nothing precise has yet emerged about this function, but the developers could in this way report important updates, new features included in their applications or warn us of potential bugs reported by users.

There will also be the possibility of disable automatic updating of all apps, except for the system ones and a new layout for the section containing discounted apps for a short time.

Finally, we point out the intention of delete the reminder about large app downloads. Today, in fact, if we try to make a particularly full-bodied download via data connection, the Play Store will advise us to wait until we are under the Wi-Fi network to continue in order to avoid consuming our GBs. With the new update, however, each element, regardless of its size, will be downloaded immediately, whether under Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G connection, which could prove problematic for more “distracted” users who start a download without first checking. be (still) connected to your router.