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Google Pixel Buds A Coming This Year?

Google Pixel Buds A Coming This Year?

Google could launch a new pair of true wireless earbuds this year, the Pixel Buds A. Find out all the details in our article.

According to 9to5Google, Google would be ready to release a new product of the A series. As for its Pixel smartphones, these are devices as valid as the tops, but with a lower price. So the Pixel Buds A will be the entry-level variant of the Pixel Buds now on the market. Hopefully they sound the same way too, because let the owners tell you: they are the best true wireless I have ever tried.


Aesthetically the Pixel Buds A they will follow the same design of the Pixel Buds. This new model could be conceived as entirely whitesimilar to Apple AirPods.

The always reliable ones should not be missing on this new model gesture to check the audio being played or to invoke Google Narrator. However, it is unknown which features they will inherit from their older sisters in order to have a lower price.

The Pixel Buds debuted together with the series Pixel 4. We therefore believe it possible that the Pixel Buds A can arrive together with the alleged Pixel 5a by Google. These two launches may not even coincide. Google may also choose to submit Pixel Buds A along with his streaming service mysterious.

What features would you give up on a cheaper pair of Pixel Buds? In my opinion, the infrared rays that read when you wear them or not will disappear, on the contrary, the animation of the app on the smartphone could remain, perhaps losing some gesture.

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