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Google Pixel 5a may arrive in August and its price is already known

Google Pixel 5a may arrive in August and its price is already known

Rumors about the Google Pixel 5th item emerged in recent months, it has even been reported that the mid-range would be canceled, or that it obliged Google, at height, to confirm that the new de facto market model was confirmed by release date.

Well, this Friday new information about the Google Pixel 5a appears and reveals not only its launch date, but also its probable price.

Google Pixel 5a arrives in August at a price that fans may dislike

According to the new information, Google Pixel 5a will be released to the world on August 26. Contrary to what might be expected, Google will supposedly be able to meet its launch schedule, keeping its mid-range presentation in the same month it introduced the Pixel 4a in 2020.

Another novelty is the price. If the Pixel 4a proved to be a hit for the fantastic camera it brought to the market for just € 350, the truth is that potential Google Pixel 5a buyers will have to shell out € 450 to get the new Google Pixel 5a.

This price increase is essentially justified by the upgrade in terms of specs. Google Pixel 5a will use the same processor as Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, namely the Snapdragon 765G. This processor, which in 2020 was a leader in the mid-range, guarantees the Pixel 5a a performance superior to the Pixel 4a and also 5G connectivity, thanks to the Snapdragon X52 modem.

As for other specs, the Google Pixel 5a will come with 6GB of RAM and a large 4,650 mAh battery (much higher than the Pixel 4a’s 3,140 mAh). The size of the battery ends up indicating, in addition, that the new mid-range should have greater dimensions, abandoning the compact design of its predecessor. It is also known that, like the Pixel 4a, only one black color option will be available, called “Mostly Black”.

The rumors about the Google Pixel 5a are exciting and new information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks. Even so, we advise the reader to wait for the official presentation that, according to today’s information, should take place on August 26.

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Source: Front Page Tech

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