Google Phone: automatic call recording is now a reality!

Google does not rest when it comes to constantly improving its applications, with the Google Phone being the most recent to receive news.

After starting a test phase last year where it made it possible to natively record calls, Google is now preparing a new feature for this feature.

The latest update to the Google Phone app brings automatic call recording to unknown numbers, which can be extremely useful in many situations.

Google Phone lets you record calls from strangers automatically

For now, there is no information yet on which users are receiving the new feature, but it will likely be gradually available.

The disclosure was made by the user @theyashreddi on Twitter, having obtained access to the new functionality on his Xiaomi Mi A3. Basically, in the settings of the call recording functionality, the option for automatic recording of calls from unknown numbers is now available.

If the user activates the new feature, they can also specify when they want the recordings to be automatically deleted.

Unfortunately, despite being available for the past year, call recording with the Google Phone app is still limited to a restricted number of smartphones and regions.

Finally, it will also be possible to pre-select numbers where any incoming call should be registered automatically.

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via: XDA Developers

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