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Google Nexus 4: Androidiani.com buying guide from the United States

Google Nexus 4: Androidiani.com buying guide from the United States

And here is the most awaited moment by you readers who once again see the protagonist Nexus 4 by Google. In this article we will explain in detail how we managed to buy our two devices directly from the US Play Store.

Let’s start by revealing the name of the service we used: spedizionidagliusa.com

This site operates as an intermediary between the United States and our country and is managed by Italian guys residing in America. They are totally nice, friendly and most of all reliable.

Initially trusting will be difficult for everyone as you will still have to give a large sum of money (the value of the device) in the hands of people you are meeting right now. The only thing I can tell you is to rest assured because the risk is practically null and void.

So let’s start with the actual guide. The main steps are 3:

  1. Pre-order
  2. Order
  3. Shipment

1. Pre-order

First of all, go to the spedizionidagliusa.com website in the Forwarding shipment section under Pre Order and click on Order under the figure on the left – Single parcel pre-order.

You will find yourself in front of a screen like this where you have to create your spedizionidagliusa.com account, accept the conditions and confirm the order at the bottom of the page.

At this moment you have done nothing but “inform” the portal staff that you intend to use their service, sending them your data and address for future shipment. At the moment you don’t have to pay anything.

At the end you will receive two emails:

2. Order

Go back to the spedizionidagliusa.com site and go to the Store menu that you find between Pre Order and Support.

Here you will find the Nexus 4 on the right and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 on the left (for which the procedure would be similar, but we will not deal with it specifically). Now click on the image of the device and the purchase page will open.

The price with free shipping is 400 $ (305 € approx.) for the 8GB version and 450 $ (345 € approx.) for the 16GB one.

In this way, once you have initially paid only the cost of the Nexus 4, spedizionidagliusa.com will personally take care of purchasing the Nexus 4 for you and will inform you once it arrives.

3. Shipping

Once the Nexus 4 reaches the spedizionidagliusa.com building, you will receive an email informing you “of what happened”; inside you will find a link that will redirect you to a page where you will have to declare the value of the product purchased. VAT will be applied to this value and, in the case of goods worth more than 150 euros, the duty (usually a few euros). The amount due will be paid directly to the Fedex courier upon delivery.


At the time of the creation of this guide (06-12-12) the 8GB Nexus 4 results out of stock while the 16GB one can be purchased but with shipping in 5-6 weeks.

However, from the moment Google ships, the package is delivered to spedizionidagliusa.com in just over 48 hours. In as many 48 hours the Nexus 4 will reach your home (excluding islands which require a couple of more days as usual).

Our experience

Federico and I bought the Nexus 4 on day-one, November 13th, on the American Play Store; unfortunately (or fortunately in some respects) we had to wait for the second stock as the first was sold out instantly. The shipment from the Google office to Spedizionidagliusa.com started on Tuesday 27 November and reached the office in the morning (local time) of Thursday 29. The same day Fedex collected the package and, after being stopped at customs for about 24 hours perhaps because it was the night between Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December. Monday morning at about 12 the package was delivered to my home.

We are in no way affiliated with spedizionidagliusa.com and we do not earn anything from any purchases you (probably) will make.

If you have any doubts or concerns, as per their request, please NOT contact the customer service of Spedizionidagliusa.com directly to avoid clogging up email and telephone boxes, but to ask directly via comments or tweets to which we will reply as soon as possible.

€ 417

LG Nexus 4 SU