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Google Maps Go arrives on the Play Store

Google Maps Go arrives on the Play Store

Google Maps Go officially lands in the Play Store. Find out in our test. In the article you will find the details for the download.

Android Go was officially launched about a week ago. We are talking about the “lightened” edition of Android made for low-end hardware. This new OS has set the stage for the development of alternative and optimized versions of several apps to make the most of the limited resources of these devices. We have already told you about Google Files Go for example.

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The dedicated site of Android Go presents a list of compatible apps released by Big G. The lightweight version of Google Maps also appears. Indeed, Google Maps Go has just appeared on the Play Store.

The banner at the end of the article for downloading the app redirects you to the dedicated page of the Play Store. Unfortunately, that app it will not be compatible with any of your devicesunless you have an Android Go smartphone.

This narrow compatibility is not justified by an app that is nothing more than the web version of Google Maps. Exactly, it’s just the maps web app, the same as the one you can consult from Chrome. In fact, when the app is first started, a notification will appear indicating that you are using Google Maps on Chrome.

The app is however quite complete. Obviously, it is able to detect its position, provide driving directions for cars, public transport and on foot. Support extends to more than 70 countries. It’s like having a miniature, simplified, and stripped-down Google Maps app. However, it remains a very useful app for older or poorly performing devices.

APK Download

In addition to the Play store, the Google Maps Go app has also landed on APK Mirror.

Creation of a link on the home page

There’s a another way to “download” the Google Maps Go app on your device. By copying this URL into your Chrome browser, or by simply clicking on it, you will open a Google Maps page.

Attention: your phone may redirect opening the link in the Maps app. We therefore recommend copying the address and pasting it into the search bar in a new Chrome tab.

In this way you will launch the same app downloadable from the Playstore.

You can then also add it to the home of your smartphone using the dedicated Chrome function. The icon visible in the home will be that of Google Maps Go.

In addition, for more information, Google has set up a support page for Maps Go that explains in detail what can and cannot be done with the app.

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