Google introduces Underwater Photography

The Google update: Pixel Feature Drop of March 2021, brought with it a lot of news. The most surprising is certainly there Underwater Photography. Find out the details in our article.

Apparently Google improved the camera performance of the Pixels when used with underwater housings. Today we can give you a taste of the underwater photos taken from Pixel 5.

the photos

Now it’s even easier to use your Pixel camera underwater when paired with Kraken Sports housing! * Which sea creatures would you love to snap a pic of? 🐠 🐟 🦈 🐬

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* See for more information.

– Made By Google (@madebygoogle) March 3, 2021

The shots were posted on Twitter. Like any good self-respecting social network, by uploading photos, they undergo compression with a consequent loss of resolution and quality. However, these early examples seem very compelling.

The photos in question were taken by Pixel 5. Big G is keen to point out that the new feature is compatible with older smartphones such as Pixel 2.

Will you buy an underwater case for your Pixels? Or you will wait for the Pixel 6? Hypothetically it could support this functionality without the specific need for an underwater case. What better solution to not pay for unlimited storage than Google Photos?