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Google Home, Google WiFi and Chromecast Ultra: Google invades our living rooms

Google Home, Google WiFi and Chromecast Ultra: Google invades our living rooms

Not just smartphones! After announcing Pixel, Pixel XL and Daydream View, Big G changes genre and produces three interesting accessories to make our home smarter: Google Home, Google WiFi And Chromecast Ultra.


Let’s start with the most interesting device, or the new smart hub that will compete with Amazon Echo. Google Home it will make it possible to choose and listen to music, get answers from Google, get help with daily tasks and control other devices.

The surface of the device is equipped with a capacitive touch panel which will serve to control the volume and some settings, and has two microphones including one for noise suppression. From the multimedia point of view, for example, it will be possible to say a Google Home to play a song to hear it start immediately via Youtube or Google Play Music. If Google Music Services weren’t your favorites, Google Home is perfectly compatible with Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and some other services.

Other uses in the household concern temperature regulation (in case you have a device like Nest in your apartment), the dictation of a shopping list to be found conveniently on your smartphonewhy not, check Chromecast telling Google Home to play a music video or movie with Netflix on your TV.

The peculiarity of Google Home is that you can also install several around the house, and the devices will interface intelligently to make sure that you receive the answers or any audio stream from the device closest to you. Of course, it will also be possible to force all devices to play music at the same time.

Google Home will be available in various colors for the price of $ 129. Here is a short explanatory video:


Here is the heir of OnHub, Google WiFi. It is about a modular router that allows you to carry the signal anywhere around the house. The Network Assist technology will allow our smartphones (or any other device) to be connected to the closest WiFi device, in fact, being modular, you can install more than one in various points of the house and let them cooperate to always get the best signal and band. highest possible.

Google Wifi supports the a / c protocol, as well as the simultaneous use of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It also has beamforming technology and support for Bluetooth Smart, and according to Google it will manage all traffic routing and channel management automatically. Prices range from $ 129 for a single unit up to $ 299 for a set of 3. Pre-orders will start in November and shipments in December.


Chromecast Ultra is exactly what it sounds like: a Chromecast capable of play videos up to 4K resolution. The first service to support this feature is obviously Google Play Movies, which will make UltraHD movies and TV series available for the occasion.

Chromecast Ultra also supports HDR And Dolby Visionhas an ethernet port and it is declared as 1.8x faster than its predecessor. Also in this case for availability we are talking about November, at a price of $ 69.