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Google Duo gets a simpler interface

Google Duo gets a simpler interface

In the last period Google is shifting more and more attention from Google Duo to the now super-used Google Meet, the company’s other video calling service. In fact, we have seen the company slowly bring some of Duo’s features to Meet, such as i new filters and effects for calls.

According to some rumors, Google could even remove gradually Duo in favor of Meet. Only time will tell, but in the meantime the American giant continues to improve the service with new additions. Google is throwing a new update for the Google Duo app, which offers auser interface of the simpler home screen.

The new redesign introduces a button “New call”On the main screen, which will allow users to initiate a new call, create a group, view contact groups and lists, and call Google Home devices.

As part of this change, some features have been repositioned. For example, the option to create new groups has been moved under the “New Call” button. Likewise, existing groups and contacts are now discoverable from the search bar and the new call button. Google says it will launch the new user interface for Google Duo users in the next weeks.