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Google Chrome 52 is online with several new features

Google Chrome 52 is online with several new features

While the desktop version of Google Chromethe popular browser, tends to include more and more features, the mobile version is unfortunately still plagued by several bugs and that is why its developers are continually releasing updates to make it as stable as possible, before trying their hand at other new features.

As posted on the company’s official blog, Google Chrome for mobile devices has arrived at the version 52 with a series of bug fixes and interesting news regarding video playback.

In the past Google Chrome relied on some external apps, especially for streaming sites, but with the new version 52 the browser will bring several improvements to the video playbackbringing great fluidity and above all a reduced battery consumption.

To explain the novelty introduced with the update 52 of the popular browser, Google has also published a video in which it is seen at work Google Chrome in reproduction, with even a comparison with previous versions, demonstrating in fact a great speed of execution and reproduction.

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, the videos will be compatible with the Chrome Data Saver feature which will therefore allow users to save over 50% of mobile data to download the file.

Google Chrome version 52 is already available online, so if the system has not already updated it automatically, you can go to the Play Store to download the new update.