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Google Atlas: the Google Maps engine


Google Atlas: the Google Maps engine

The new Google Maps could soon arrive on our PCs and Android devices after the big announcement that took place during the Google I / O 2013. Waiting to have it on all our devices we have been able to try it for you in preview but despite this, whether we are talking about the old or the new Google Maps, we know very well that there is a lot of information, data and everything that BigG has to process in real time to provide us with the results we seek. The engine that moves Maps was baptized Atlas.

Google Atlas it is the engine that moves everything Mapsall its services, functions, searches, Street Viewmap rendering and much more.

Atlas is not a simple application reachable by anyone but is an application used only by the team of Google Maps to provide the most accurate data, discarding the less appropriate ones.

The engine of Google Maps was officially unveiled by the Mountain View giant during a session of the last I / O 2013 dedicated to Maps, during which, presenting a project from 2008, the Project Ground Truthreference was made to Atlas.

The video that reveals the project of Google it clearly shows us all the functions of the instrument and how it manages to work so many data from different sources at the same time. You can enjoy it all in the entire video of the Google I / O but the part relating to the presentation of Atlas starts from the minute 7:30.

Here is the video:

httpvh: //youtu.be/FsbLEtS0uls