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Google announces Stadia: The new most powerful gaming platform of consoles

Google announces Stadia: The new most powerful gaming platform of consoles

On the occasion of the Game Developers Conference 2019, Google presented its new platform from Gaming, it’s about Stadia, which does not need a local hardware, as it is not a traditional console, to follow all the details.

Google presents the future of gaming

Stadia is a gaming platform accessible via Streaming, thanks to data centers with the power of 10.7 TeraFlops, like a PS4 Pro it’s a Xbox One X put together. Stadia will allow to play in Streaming with the highest resolution, as long as you naturally have a good internet connection.

The platform will in fact support a resolution of 4K and 60 FPS but in the future it will aim at 8K. Stadia will make use of the support of the main ones Engine like l’Unreal and Unity beyond Vulkan libraries, proposing the cross platform, that is the possibility to play with other players regardless of the device in use.

Google Stadia will include maximum integration with Youtube, allowing players to play with a simple click on the Play button, without the need to download or install games and various updates, just a device with a screen and an internet connection, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC , televisions or other.

Developers will be able to take advantage of the Style Transfer Ml, a feature that allows you to make changes to the games and see the changes in real time, while with technology State Share it will be possible to share a moment of your session in a link to be sent on social networks, to allow other players to start from that moment.

Finally with Stream Connect it is possible to interact in real time with different players, joining their game at any time. The launch is scheduled for 2019, coinciding with a new controller that will allow players to both capture and share screenshots on social networks and videos on the fly. Youtube, than to call the assistant Google, which will respond to every need of the player.

For example, if you have problems solving a particular puzzle in games like Tomb Raider, Google will search and play a video that can help the player. We conclude with the ability to play from any platform, be it Facebook, Youtube or other, just click on the appropriate button.

Google Stadia will be available in 2019 in North America, Canada, the UK and most of Europe.

Following the demonstration video: