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Gone Home lands on consoles

Gone Home lands on consoles

Midnight City announced that Gone Homea narrative and exploratory thriller / horror game released on PC long ago, will also arrive on consoles by 2014.

The house of mystery lands on consoles

Gone Home it surpassed 250,000 copies on PC, 50,000 of which in the first month alone. The game was released last month on Steam PC, MAC OS and Linux obtaining 80% of users only from the home platform Valve. The founder of the software house said he was enthusiastic not only for the results obtained from the title but also for the arrival on consoles.

Gone Home will take you to an uninhabited house where a family once lived, the aim of the game is to investigate the disappearance of loved ones as a family member. The console version will be fully dubbed in Italian. We do not know if it will be distributed digitally or even in retail format and it has not yet been announced whether it will be available on old or new generation consoles, we just have to wait to find out.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait for the game to be launched on consoles, you can always opt for the purchase of the digital edition of the title on STEAM.