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Ghostwire Tokyo: Complete Guide

Ghostwire Tokyo: Complete Guide

After Ghostwire Tokyo Review, today we want to offer you the Complete Guideanticipating that it may be subject to updates over time.

How to unlock and use fast travel

In the course of the adventure you can explore Tokyo far and wide, coming across a long list of Torii, which, once freed from enemies and purged from the darkness, in addition to dissolving the lethal fog, revealing part of the map and making it accessible, allow you to use fast travel. All the Torii that you can find in the game are:

  1. Akisawa Shrine
  2. Namita Shrine
  3. Shiroyama Shrine
  4. Yashin Shrine
  5. Kuo Shrine
  6. Die Shrine
  7. Hirokawa Shrine
  8. Matsumi Shrine
  9. Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate
  10. Yamaki Shrine
  11. Hitani Shrine
  12. Toyoi Shrine
  13. Kirigaoka Shrine
  14. Namihara Shrine
  15. Hatsuike Shrine
  16. Chishima Shrine
  17. Known Shrine
  18. Hirajuku Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  19. Shiratsuki Shrine
  20. Momokane Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  21. Saihama Building Rooftop Torii Gate
  22. Tatsui Shrine
  23. Kappagaike Torii Gate
  24. Onten Shrine
  25. Mikubo Shrine
  26. Sakano Shrine
  27. Shimokusa Shrine
  28. Kamio Shrine
  29. Akitsu Shrine

Just open the map, click on their icon and choose the fast travel. Following the video showing their location:

Where to find all points of interest

Among the many things to do, in Ghostwire Tokyo there are the points of interestall of which mostly serve the purpose of unlocking the Shibuya Trophy is my territory.

In total there are 31 points of interest to find, if you are unable to recover them all you can always rely on the video guide that we report below:

Where to find the missing Tanuki

One of the secondary missions is called Tanuki Hunt and requires precisely of find the missing Tanuki, for a total of 25, which are hidden in the capital with the appearance of the most disparate objects.

If you can find them all you will not only unlock the Trophy “I see you in the tail” but you will also get a special reward. Continuing with the story you will arrive in a place where talking with a big guy Tanuki you can activate the mission, which will ask you to find the missing ones.

Below is the video showing their location:

What are the Jizo Statues for and where to find them

Exploring Tokyo you will happen to come across Jizo statues, but what are they for? where to find them all? The statues allow you to enhance the skills of the protagonist, Below is the complete list:

When you come across a statue don’t forget to pray. Below is the video showing the exact position of each statue:

Ghostwire Tokyo Guide: Cats and Dogs, what they are for and where to find them

In the game world you will often come across cats and dogs, some of them stray others instead sellers. In the first case you will be able to listen to their thoughts, caress them and feed them, in doing so you will receive clues on what to do and various rewards. In the second case, you can spend the accumulated currency to buy paper dolls to trap souls, consumables and various objects.

The trading cats will also entrust you with the mission of recovering specific items in order to obtain a hefty reward. The objects are placed in the most disparate areas of the map, so be sure to explore everything well and collect everything you find around.

On the map, however, you will find a circle that will indicate that in that area there is an object that you can collect.

What are Spirits for, how to capture them in large quantities and deliver them

During your explorations you will come across gods Floating spirits, which can be captured and delivered to whoever is taking care of bringing them back to their human form. For capture a spirit you just need to approach and hold down the indicated button, however it is an operation that takes some time, you will have to make sure to unlock the appropriate skill to speed up the process.

Once you have used up the paper dolls available, just interact with any public telephone and confirm the transfer to receive coins and experience. If you want you can go to the trading cats and spend the currency to buy more paper dolls, so that you have more spirits with you before transferring them.