Geekbench: No Android smartphone will ever be as fast as Apple iPhone 8

Geekbenchin the person of the founder John Pooleis the protagonist of a a statement that caused a lot of discussionhaving emphasized the superiority of Apple iPhone 8 (and family) with respect to any device Android.

Apple iPhone 8 is more powerful than any Android smartphone, according to Geekbench

A decisive observation, which leaves no room for any misunderstanding.

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Poole himself, in fact, does not hide his amazement regarding the performance guaranteed by the processors developed by Apple. Going into the specifics of the matter, A11 Bionic He obtained a score of 10,170 on multicore tests. Instead, on the Android front, the highest result amounts to “only” 6574 points.

The efficiency of the iPhone comes out in the open also in relation to the calculation speed found in operations such as video editing of files with 4K resolution.

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Coming to the point, the question that the founder of Geekbench asks himself is the following: Why don’t we see the progress made with the Apple iPhone 8 at Android?