Gears of War 5 is the biggest release of the new generation of Microsoft

Total success, this is the expression that must be repeating itself behind the scenes at Microsoft when it comes to Gears of War 5. The title, which for the first time in the franchise also launched on Steam, reached impressive numbers in its first week of sales and early access period. On the PC, it ranked first in best-selling games, while its physical media on Amazon was highlighted among the eleven most sought-after Xbox One products.

With a significant number of three million accesses during the launch period, it enters as one of the most important for the company’s current generation console. It is worth mentioning that its popularity is mainly due to the sensational move of the game’s distributors in making it available, in its entirety, to the Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service that has an immense and excellent catalog of different titles.

(Source: Disclosure)

In addition, Gears of War 5 is being sold in several formats, physical and digital, filled with subscription bonuses (Game Pass and Live) and extra content, apart from the Xbox One S and Xbox One X console bundles, which increases not only the sale of the new game in the franchise, but also consoles both for those looking to take advantage of the new prices and for those who want to be part of the Microsoft universe.

With a lot of content already scheduled for the next few years, Gears of War 5 promises a long lifespan, leveraging Microsoft’s popularity once and for all and ‘making its name’ for the next generation to come.