Galaxy S8: here’s how to remap Bixby’s physical key to launch Google Now

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + they made their debut a week ago and confirmed the presence of a physical key to launch the Bixby voice assistant, as predicted by the rumors.

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant on which the South Korean company has focused a lot. Although the Italian version is not currently available, you may be interested in the fact that the key to launch Bixby can be reprogrammed. In fact, although the two devices have not yet been launched on the market, those who have tried it have noticed this peculiarity. Apparently the dedicated Bixby button can also be used to launch third-party apps, including Google Now, Google’s voice assistant. On the web, in fact, there are many users who have clamored for this possibility.

First one that makes an app to remap the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 to Google Assistsnt wins my $$$

– Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) March 29, 2017

Now, thanks to what is revealed by Homeguy123 on Reddit, this appears to be possible. To confirm this, here is the video posted by the user on Youtube.

Using an app on the Play Store called All in one Gestures, reprogramming the key for Bixby will be very easy. Thanks to this mechanism, it will be possible to open third-party apps, including Google Now, using the button for Samsung’s virtual assistant, and launch them both from a locked smartphone and from an unlocked smartphone. So if you intend to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 + we advise you to keep apps similar to All in one Gestures ready, even considering that currently there is no Italian version of Bixby.