FutureBrand: Apple snatches top spot from Google

Even this year FutureBrand has published the ranking of the companies preferred by users with a particular surprise concerning its own Google. If in previous years the Mountain View giant had managed to secure first place, this year, due to the reorganization through Alphabethad to cede the primacy to its rival Apple.

What is amazing is that due to Alphabetcertainly less known and appreciated by users, Google it is not even in the top 10 of preferences. In fact, the new company name of BigG was only found at 21st position.

So right after Apple we find Microsoft in second place e Samsung at the third. Facebook stops in fifth position (with an improvement of 15 places) and instead Amazon closes in eighth place.

Who knows if next year Alphabet will succeed in affirming itself by carrying Google again at the top of the rankings.