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From ClassMate to TikTok Extra’s Living App: How Social Media Has Evolved to the Present Day

From ClassMate to TikTok Extra’s Living App: How Social Media Has Evolved to the Present Day

I bet the first thing you do when you wake up is pick up your mobile phone. Perhaps your first reaction is to turn off the alarm, but moments later you want to find out what the main news of the morning is. Afterwards, you will end up bouncing on Twitter. In the end, for one reason or another, social networks have emerged as an ideal enclave that brings together moments of leisure, information and entertainment.

Without going any further, the Global Report on the Digital Environment 2022 (prepared by HootSuite and the We Are Social agency) has concluded that nine out of ten Spaniards use social networks and spend around two hours a day on them. In the end we have normalized its use, but to achieve these amazing loyalty figures, it has taken many years to create a communication model as realistic and efficient as the one in real life.

Do you dare to take a trip to learn about the most important milestones of social networks that marked a before and after on the Internet?

ClassMates, the social network where it all began

Today, June 30, World Social Media Day is celebrated. A key date that invites us to look back to highlight the importance of these platforms as digital communication tools. Each year these platforms acquire greater relevance due to the growing interest of users in having greater control over the information they share on the network.

ClassMates marked in 1995 the ground for what we commonly call “social network”. His mission was to connect alumni from schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. It wasn’t until the arrival of SixDegrees that we started talking about a real social network. Surely you have heard of the Six Degrees of Separation Theory formulated by the writer Frigyes Karinthy. In it he states that it only takes six intermediaries to contact anyone in the world. SixDegrees made use of this hypothesis and created a wide network of contacts, allowing users to create profiles, befriend other accounts and send them private messages. Something that networks have inherited as “basic dogmas” to this day.

After SixDegrees came other more well known and memorable ones like my space either photoblog. Each one focused on a very specific aspect of communication (from the emission of more general messages to communication exclusively through images). Very soon it arrived LinkedIn, the first professional social network oriented to business use. This social network (acquired in 2016 by Microsoft) has more than 500 million active users. In addition, for a few years it has offered online educational content under the umbrella of LinkedinLearning, where users can continue to learn and expand their knowledge on a wide variety of topics. If you are interested in this type of learning, you can find the LinkedIn Learning Living App. To do this you have to access through the UHD decoders Y UHD Smart Wi Fi of Movistar to continue learning from the comfort of home.

Twitter, Facebook… and Tuenti. Social networks were also Made In Spain

To be honest, from the mid 2000s to today, the social media paradigm has changed very little. Interesting proposals have emerged such as Instagram, Snapchat or ClubHouse. But at the moment of truth, Facebook continues to lead all the rankings and Twitter it remains a powerful agenda setting tool. And if not, let them tell Elon Musk, who He is still in his determination to take over the social network of the little bird at whatever cost.

Having reached this point, it is important to highlight the success of Tuenti. It is a Spanish social network born in 2006 (acquired by Telefónica in 2010). It reached more than 15 million registered users on his best days. A milestone for a Spanish speaking social network, which marked a before and after in millions of young people in Spain. To this day, it is still fondly remembered when the servers of the main social networks go down.

If there is any social network that is willing to dethrone Facebook of the podium is without a doubt TikTok. It is a Chinese social network that became known to the world back in 2018 after its merger with musical.ly. His philosophy focuses on share short videos in vertical formattaking a step further the proposal brought by the social network of Came in 2013.

Last stop on Social Media Day: The Movistar Plus+ Living Apps

Surely for future anniversaries on the Day of Social Networks we will be surprised with new and interesting proposals that will bring us much closer to real communication between users. In addition, the use of Virtual Reality (VR) or the metaverse will be included among its proposals, but in the meantime, you will find the best experience of social networks here, in the Movistar Plus+ Living Apps.

In addition to LinkedInLearningin the Movistar Plus+ Living Apps you will find proposals as interesting as the Twitter LivingApp, where you can access a wide variety of video content such as: music, sports, travel, technology, culture, food, among others. And if you want to extend the experience with Twitter, from your device Movistar Home you can use Twitter Moments to know in real time some of the most relevant tweets that are being published about the content you are watching on your decoder.

If you are more of TikTok, you can not stop trying La TikTok Extra Living App, in which you will find a selection of the most entertaining videos on the platform. You will find content on different topics such as: cooking, humor, travel or sports, among others.

Do not hesitate and Enjoy Social Media Day to the fullest with the Movistar Plus+ Living Apps!