Free version of PUBG will arrive in Europe

Launched in Beta for testing at the beginning of the year in Thailand, PUBG Lite, initially known as PUBG Project Thai, will have its servers open to 52 more countries in early October. The Lite version of battleroyale is an attempt to bring the popular game to lighter and less powerful platforms, presenting an inferior title compared to the original.

Several countries were receiving the game service during the year. Initially, only the Southeast Asia region became available to provide access to the testing period of the game, during the first quarter of 2019. In May, the service became available in Brazil and Turkey, and soon afterwards, to the Latin territory -American. Recently, the game’s official website listed the new countries that will have access to the Beta open from October 10, being, in large part, belonging to European territory. You can access the list by clicking here.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Lite is an interesting experience for anyone thinking of buying the definitive version of the game. Built to run on not so powerful phones, notebooks and tablets, the game will support up to 100 players, offering the same experience as the definitive title. In addition, you will have a 4×4 mode in a deserted warehouse, rewarding the team that completes 40 kills.

The Lite version will also feature its own currency for microtransactions: L-Coin. The game has already made available season passes, one free and one paid (Premium), both offering new rewards and missions.

PUBG Lite is already open pre-registration and will give, for those who register until October 8, an exclusive M416. For those who want to register, just access this link.