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Free courses to learn digital photography from home

Free courses to learn digital photography from home

If you are interested in photography and would like to master digital photography, in addition to a good camera, it will be good for you to read tutorials and take courses like the ones we propose below. They are free, you can do them online at your own pace and without schedules.

Getting a good photograph is not just about having a good camera. You have to know how to use it, place the camera correctly, frame it well, know how to play with the light… Digital photography has made things a lot easier, because taking a good photo, processing it and printing it is a relatively quick process. Gone are the development rooms and the heavy equipment.

Whether you use a compact camera, whether you’re from Nikon or Canon, have experience in photography or not, the following courses will help you start or perfect your technique in digital photography and who knows, maybe you can profit from your hobby by selling some of your photos.

1. Free Photography course (AulaFácil): Every learning process has a first step, and this course is one of the most appropriate to start in digital photography and photography in general. Practical, direct and well organized, you will become familiar with basic concepts such as focal length, framing, light and composition.

2. Photography course (Innova Strategies): Another course to get started in photography, shorter than the previous one in terms of chapters but no less complete for that. It also emphasizes the fundamentals of photography, such as speed, exposure, composition, camera parts… A good way to understand the basics to get into photography in general.

3. Digital photography course (TheWebfoto): If you want to start from scratch and reach a point where you master advanced aspects of photography, this course takes you through all the phases of photography. From aperture and focal length to histogram, RAW and EXIF ​​data, this course goes over everything related to the camera and the accessories needed to get the best photos.

4. Trades: photography course (Get connected): Designed for a younger audience, this selection of eight videos reviews different types of applied photography, such as sports photography, author photography or product photography. Very useful to understand what needs each one requires and thus ask yourself if you want to opt for that career path.

5. Photoshop Tutorials (Digital Photographer): What would digital photography be without subsequent photographic retouching? Photoshop is the most used tool and has replaced the development room of a lifetime thanks to its palette of functions. On this page you will find a huge list of tutorials for specific photo processing tasks.

6. Digital Retouching: Bring your photos to life (Crehana): As in the previous case, this free online course makes it easy to learn Adobe Photoshop to improve your photos once you have taken them. No matter how good a photographer you are, passing your photo through Photoshop will give it a new look and you can surely improve aspects of light or contrast, remove imperfections…

7. Learn with Canon (Canon): If you have already taken part in one of the camps of photography lovers and have decided on Canon, you are in luck. Its official page has content for you to squeeze your Canon camera to the fullest. With practical tutorials, you will learn everything you need to know in concrete situations and unleash your creativity.

8. Digital photography course with Nikon cameras (Nikonistas): If you prefer Nikon instead of Canon, you also have at your disposal material with which to improve your skills as a photographer. This digital photography course has been developed by Nikon enthusiasts and offers you everything you need to get started and become an expert.