Four tech companies dating back to the s. XIX

There are several names of large technology companies dating back to the s. XIX and currently continue to have an impact on the market.

It has merit that within the changing world of technology, where constant adaptation to technical advances is essential for the survival of a company, there are companies that began their journey in the nineteenth century. This means that have known how to adapt to changes from the days when electricity was a luxury to the complexity of today’s electronics. They are known names but it is not always known that their origins are so distant.

We recently talked about companies that had moved from the industrial to the digital age and mentioned Ericsson, which started its business as a small telephone repair shop in 1876. It is not the only technology company that dates back to the 20th century. XIX.

Siemens AG

Older still is Siemens AG. Today the company is a supplier in various sectors, such as industrial or energy, and produces infrastructure for various tasks. However, the beginnings of this German giant employing more than 360,000 people date back to 1847. In Berlin, Werner von Siemens, an inventor at the time, founded Siemens & Halske together with a colleague who put the other name on the business. They were in charge of the telegraphs. Siemens had created one that used a needle to point the sequence of letters instead of using Morse code.

They soon began to build long-distance telegraphs and later contributed to install electric lighting in cities, as well as starting electric trains. In 1966 the company acquired its current name after merging with two other branches of the multinational.


The mobile phone giant is an example of how in the world of technology in a short time you can go from having everything to being relegated to a modest position in the market. Despite this, the brand is still active after its acquisition by Microsoft and on its own in the business of networks.

To get here Nokia has had to adapt since 1865, when engineer Fredrik Idestam and his wife put a pulp mill, with the intention of producing paper. Soon they opened another plant near the Nokianvirta River. The origin of the name already seems clear, but the transition from the paper business to a more technical sector did not occur until 1902, when the company entered the electricity generation market.


The Japanese IT provider falls into this category narrowly. Its foundation dates from 1899, in Tokyo, and from the beginning the company was linked to the electricity market. At that time the business opportunity was telephones and the equipment they needed. NEC soon began to collaborate with the Japanese government, eager to modernize at the time. Today it is focused on the business segment, which supplies all kinds of IT solutions, communications and networks, as well as electronic components.


Another Japanese firm that started rolling in the 19th century is Nintendo. Of course, the video game company has gone through many sectors before focusing on what has been its business niche for the last decades. In 1889 Fusajiro Yamauchi opened an establishment in Kyoto where produced decks of cards. The designs became popular, staff were hired, and even a bridge tournament was organized. The company achieved a good position in this market, but it was too small and in the second half of the 20th century it began to try its fortune in new areas, such as a taxi service, a chain of love hotels, a fast food firm or the TV. It wasn’t until the 70’s when he got into the video game industry and from 1977 it will manufacture its own hardware.

Images: The Bibliomata, Wikimedia, II, III, NEC