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Fortnite Cosmic Summer: LTM Pro 100 Challenge Guide

Fortnite Cosmic Summer: LTM Pro 100 Challenge Guide

The new ones are available starting today Fortnite Summer Challengeswhich will allow you to receive 3 new rewards, with the addition of one Weapon cover,if you have also completed the previous ones. This time we play in the mode LTM Pro 100.

How to complete LTM Pro 100 Challenges in Fortnite

Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Pro 100 (0/10) – Reward: “Icy (Melmobacca)” decorative back and 20,000 Experience Points

The first challenge is very simple but will require you to do at least 3 kills to get 150 coins, with which you can buy the sniper, which is the cheapest weapon in the mode. The challenge requires you to buy 10 times from distributors. The advice to speed up the procedure is to pass the coins to the teammates who have already completed it.

Inflict damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 (0 / 1,000) – Reward: Music for the “Fun on the Beach” menus and 20,000 Experience Points

The second challenge asks to do 1000 damage with the rocket launcher, nothing easier if it were not for the fact that this weapon has a cost of 360 coins, to buy it you will have to eliminate at least 8 players or let you pass the weapon or coins to buy it from teammates.

Revive companions in Pro 100 (0/20) – Reward: “Tavola del Nuvolama” hang glider and 30,000 Experience Points

The last challenge requires you to revive a companion 20 times, it could be difficult and time-consuming, but there is a little trick you can use. Buy a rocket launcher and pass it to a friend of yours or make sure he has one, then get away and have the second player shoot the weapon to the ground, in this way he will get injured and will go into resuscitation mode, at which point intervene . Repeat the procedure 20 times and that’s it.