Food waste: apps for responsible food consumption

If you are a responsible consumer today, it is because you want a sustainable future. Actions as simple as making a shopping list with only what is necessary help your pocket and, in addition, you avoid waste of food.

We know that offers are tempting. Buy two products and get the third for free? Or buy two because the second one is half the price? Acquire them and not check the expiration label well? However, it is likely that if you fill your cart at the supermarket, a few foods will go to waste. This increases the food waste problem.

To begin with, we want to show you a broader picture with numbers on the subject to calculate its magnitude.

Food waste in the EU

Numbers can often show us how alarming a problem is. Food waste figures show that action is needed. According to the FAO, in 2019 they finished 931 million tons of food in garbage containers of homes, businesses and restaurants.

So that you understand these dimensions, we explain: that figure is equivalent to 23 million trucks loaded with 40 tons of waste each. It is also known that in the countries of the European Union the most food waste occurs in householdswith 53%.

Impact of food waste on the planet

It’s not just a matter of you avoiding food waste at home due to growth of hunger in the world. It is also important to do so to mitigate the damage to the planet.

Imagine there is an impact from the untapped consumption of energy, fuel and packaging of that wasted food. The UN estimates that between 8% and 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with wasted food. The most important question now, after knowing this panorama, is what can you do? The answer relates to technology, specifically apps to reduce food waste.

Technology to combat food waste

Technology is currently allied to sustainability. In the field of food it is present with different applications for the reuse of food.

Using mobile technology, instant messaging and geolocation you can get in touch with distribution chains, restaurants or charitable organizations. So can buy food at affordable prices or even donate food to avoid wasting it. We show you some of the most relevant:

Too Good To Go

The objective of the Too Good To Go application is to raise awareness about responsible consumption habits looking for a waste 0. Thousands of establishments are already part of the app, so that they manage to rescue more than 10 million food packs. To use this application you only need to register, select the establishment closest to your home that offers the food you want, pay and pick up at the agreed time.

I don’t waste

The organization Roots Rights created this initiative in 2015. Yo No Desperdicio will help you with advice and various tools to prevent food waste. For example, you will find information on how to make your shopping list, what foods are in season and how to arrange them in your fridge.

It will help you with very important information so that you do not confuse the expiration date with the preferred consumption date. In addition, it provides tips for preserve and extend the life of food and thus prevent them from ending up in the trash.


The Olio app is perfect if you want to be part of a neighborhood community where food and household items are shared. Besides, she is the one if you want donate food to people they have no way to buy it. Or if you have a garden at home and want to share what you have harvested. Even if your fridge is full and you go on a trip, you avoid accumulating waste at home.

Using it is very easy, you just have to include a photo, the description and the collection address. Be a responsible consumer It’s in your hands. Take advantage of technology, use apps to donate or buy food at a lower price. Be part of a positive and real change.