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Far Cry 6 – Complete Guide

Far Cry 6 – Complete Guide

If you are playing or planning to play Far Cry 6then this Guide it will come in handy, anticipating that it could be updated over time.

How to unlock the wingsuit in Far Cry 6

Let’s start with how to unlock the wingsuit, a gadge that will surely come in handy when you jump from great heights or from a helicopter / plane. There wingsuit it will allow you to move quickly in the sky, swooping down and reaching distant places. Unlike the parachute, available immediately, the wingsuit must be unlocked.

The first thing to do is reach and unlock one of the many camps present in the game, such as the one located at Costa del Marthen approach theNPC with the hammer icon on your head and interact with him, you must at this point invest resources for build structures. To get the wingsuit you will have to build the Network of lairs as field structure.

Even if the structure in question has three levels, you will only need to buy the first one for unlock the wingsuit in Far Cry 6. You can find resources by exploring the map.

How to unlock vehicles and horses in Far Cry 6

Walk in Far Cry 6 most of the time it is an out of place option, considering that the map is really huge and divided into islands, so you will need vehicles, be it cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, helicopters or horses. Of course, in Far Cry 6 you can steal vehicles, however there is a large collection that you can enrich, for recall vehicles to the camps.

At the camps you will find different points of interest, depending on the type of vehicle, with a terminal that will allow you to recall them, but to do so you will have to unlock them. For unlock new vehicles all you have to do is retrieve them and take them to one of the many campsdepositing it at the Vehicle collectionin this way you will add them to the collection and you can use them endless times and when you want.

How to shoot down the anti-aircraft positions in Far Cry 6

Although you can fly freely throughout the Far Cry 6 mapin specific points you will be shot down within seconds of the warning, this is because there are anti-aircraft positions to fly over the skies, to remove this limit you will have to break them down. You can easily identify them by exploring the map, they are represented by the appropriate icon and have a red conference on the map or red lines on the radar. Avoid flying near the anti-aircraft positions before taking them down.

For destroy the FND contrarea stations you will need powerful explosives, so avoid bullets of traditional weapons or the molotovyou will not initially have access to the rocket launcher so you can rely on the Exterminadora backpack capable of launch a series of rockets to take down helicopters, enemies and FND anti-aircraft positionsyou will have it from the early stages of the adventure.

The advice is to position yourself at a distance neither too close nor too far from anti-aircraft positionsthen as soon as the energy is charged, press the combination of keys indicated to shoot down the target, once destroyed you can fly without problems.

How to unlock cockfight in Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6 there is a minigoco in style Street Fighter, where the protagonists are roosters. How to go about to unlock cockfight?

Therefore, it will not be enough for you to collect random roosters but you have to find those in cages, if you want in the game shop you can buy the map of the roosters. Once you have recovered at least two roosters then you can try your hand at the minigame.

Obviously, make sure that you have completed at least the first mission of theNPC located near the arena in one of the many camps. If you win the cockfight you will receive a cash prize.