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Explore the cosmos with Universe Sandbox 2, the video game for space lovers

Explore the cosmos with Universe Sandbox 2, the video game for space lovers

Universe Sandbox 2 puts the universe at the fingertips of your controller or keyboard for endless gaming and experimentation, letting you interact at scale with hundreds of planets, galaxies, and asteroids.

When we get to play a video game we take out that child that we carry inside, that little explorer who loves to get the most out of a fictional universe. If you have played GTAYou know exactly what I’m talking about. After all, video games are there to get out of our reality a bit and “play at being gods”. Do what we do not do in our day to day.

If you are one of those who pay attention to NASA’s annual calendar, or one of those who do not miss the latest technological and scientific newsat SamaGame.com we have your video game. Universe Sandbox 2 is a huge simulator of the universe with which you can to interact and do what you want. From crashing planets into each other to exploding stars.

Thought as an educational application

The Universe Sandbox series was created by Dan Dixona universe loving designer who worked on a educational project on astronomy for more than 15 years. To make everything more fun and easy, Dan decided to create an app so that students could play with what was happening in the universe, but all based on laws of physics. After a long design and programming work, he managed to launch the first complete version of the video game in May 2008.

It was a success and he decided to found the company Giant Army in 2010. Since then, he has hired an additional six designers to create ever more complete versions. The last creature of his is Universe Sandbox 2a complete video game with thousands of downloads that can be played in virtual reality.

The most remarkable thing about video games is that, in addition to funnyis educational. With Universe Sandbox 2 you will learn a lot about what happens up there, since it is based on the laws of physics.

A simulator based on the laws of physics

What would happen to Earth if an asteroid collided? What would become of the Solar System if our star exploded? You can solve endless questions in Universe Sandbox 2. With this video game it is possible to combine the gravitythe weather, the collision and material interactions in a universe to scale.

It’s a computer game, that is, you won’t be able to play on PlayStation or Xbox. It has a very affordable price and you can get it from the well known platform Steamor also on your own website.

In short, a great game with which you can discover the beauty of the cosmos and the fragility of our planet.