Everything you need to know about Movistar Plus+ Profiles

What times those in which who had the remote I had control of the television. Fortunately, those times have changed. You can today watch TV, but also on your computer, on your tablet and/or on your smartphone. Not to mention that having two or more televisions at home is affordable for most pockets. So the fights are over choose a movie, series or sporting event. Everyone who sees what they want. And with Movistar Plus+ this is a piece of cake thanks to the Movistar Plus+ profiles.

In addition to the UHD Decoder itself, which allows you to view the content you have contracted from Movistar Plus+, with the Movistar Plus+ app you can view that or other content on other screens simultaneously. And with the help of the profiles you will be more comfortable personalize recommendationscreate a list of favorite content and, ultimately, share and take advantage of the huge Movistar Plus+ catalogue.

To get started. You can watch Movistar Plus+ content simultaneously on up to 4 devices. That is, on the UHD Decoder plus 3 other Internet connected devices. Specifically, they must be connected to the same Internet network as the set top box. If you want to see Movistar Plus+ out of home, you can only do it with a device, which can be connected via 4G/5G or WiFi to another Internet network. And if you are a Movistar Plus+ Lite user, you can play content on two devices at once.

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One account, four profiles

When you sign up for Movistar Plus+, you get an account to access from other devices. That account consists of a username and a password. These two pieces of information are important, since without them you cannot access Movistar Plus+ content from smart televisions, smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices to view content on the television through the Internet.

From that account you can create up to four profiles of Movistar Plus+. Thus, up to four members of the same family can view content independently and/or simultaneously. Each one on a different device. Also, creating profiles is very easy and has advantages, as we saw before. The main one, to have your own favorites list.

When you log in with the Movistar Plus+ account on any of the compatible devices, you will have the opportunity to choose the profile. By default, there is already one created with the name Home. Also, from that screen you can create your new profile. Thus, when you access the Movistar Plus+ application on your device, you will see the content associated with your profile.

To create a profile you just have to indicate a name and select an image from those available. If you already have Netflix, Disney + or HBO Max, you will be familiar with this profile thing. In the case of Movistar Plus+, your profile picture It can be your soccer team or a character from some of the Movistar Plus+ content.

Manage, modify, edit and/or delete profiles

Once the profiles are created, we can modify them so that they have another name or avatar. Just tap on the active profile and you will see the option Manage Profiles > Edit Profile. After the changes, just click on To update to see the changes applied. You have to remember that these will only be visible in the application and not through the decoder, where a default profile will appear.

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Since there is a limit of four profiles, you can delete or delete a profile if you no longer consider it necessary. Note that if you delete it, you will lose the advantages and/or customizations associated with that profile. Otherwise, deleting a profile is as easy as going to Manage Profiles > Modify Profile > Delete Profile and finally click Delete. You will see a message to confirm that you really want to delete this profile.

To delete a profile, this must be idle. If you are active in your Movistar Plus+ account session on any of the devices configured for it, you must log out of those devices.

child profiles

The Movistar Plus+ catalog offers content for all ages. But not all content is suitable for minors. Hence, each content has a recommended age indicator. But to avoid problems, it is more practical to go to child profiles. In other words, you can configure Movistar Plus+ profiles so that they only show content suitable up to 12 years.

Child profiles are available on smartphones and tablets running Android 8 or higher and on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 or higher. The child profile is created like a normal profile. Click on the lower central profile button and create a new one or enter an existing one. Then we mark the option child profile.

What if someone wants exit child profile and use an adult profile? For this it will be necessary to enter the parental PIN. A four digit code that you can activate from the UHD Decoder itself. By default, the parental PIN is 1111. So you should change it to another number that is more difficult to guess.

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The advantages of using profiles

As we saw before, the Movistar Plus+ profiles are used to organize the viewing of the Movistar Plus+ catalog by different people. Thus, each member of the family can see what he wants on the device of her choice. And everyone has access to the same contracted catalog associated with the only shared account.

Of course, the advantages of the profiles are that we can create a favorite content list that we want to see another time, the list favorites. Another advantage is that if you leave something half done, you can easily recover it without having to remember. You will see that content in the list I’m watching.

The third advantage of using Movistar Plus+ profiles is that in the list For me you will see personalized recommendations adjusted to your lists of I’m watching Y favorites. So you will see recommendations suitable to your preferences instead of showing recommendations combined with what everyone in the family has seen. That is, each profile will have its own recommendations.

In summary. The Movistar Plus+ profiles will help you organize yourself better and thus know what you have seen lately, what you want to see soon and what you would be interested in seeing from the Movistar Plus+ catalogue. A useful and simple way to don’t miss anything.