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Everything the metaverse should offer us

Everything the metaverse should offer us

Although there is a lot of talk about the metaverse, there are usually two questions that are repeated with some frequency. The first obviously has to do with what is the metaverse. The second, more practical, what are the possibilities of the metaverse? The first is easy to answer. The metaverse, as we understand it today, consists of a network of virtual worlds in three dimensions supported by technologies such as virtual reality. Its purpose is to reduce the differences between the physical world and this new digital reality.

But beyond the promises, why Microsoft, Sony, Facebook (Meta), Tencent either Epic Games have been interested in the metaverse? What will the metaverse offer us in the future? What applications will it have in order to be one of the most revolutionary innovations in the coming years if the promises are kept? Well, in principle, practically any current sector could benefit from the metaverse to a greater or lesser extent.

Here is a list of uses that can be given to the metaverse: digital shopping and commerce, virtual workspaces, digital currencies and currencies, social networks, video games, massive events, interaction between humans or with machines, virtual infrastructures… And now, let’s see four of the realms in which the metaverse will give a lot of himself.

Health, a vein for the possibilities of the metaverse

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two technologies that are directly associated with the metaverse. The goal of the metaverse is to create virtual worlds interactive and immersive in which there are hardly any differences between the physical and the digital. And here virtual reality cases and augmented reality glasses play an important role.

Precisely in sectors such as health or healthcare, these technologies have a lot to say. For starters, augmented reality glasses can help operations achieve greater precision. So much before an operation (scans, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) and during it.

For their part, augmented reality and virtual reality devices can help, together with wearable devices, to show patients and professionals real time patient data such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure or amount of oxygen in the blood. Connecting the physical world with the virtual one to make our lives easier, longer and of quality.

online commerce

Try on a piece of clothing, visit what will be the house of your dreams, see the facilities of the hotel where you will stay on your next vacation or attend a sporting event without leaving home but as if you were there. These are several examples of what the metaverse can offer bridging the physical world with the virtual when it comes to online commerce.

The moment we can replicate virtually what is in the physical world, we can provide the user with the possibility of interact with those elements Even if you’re miles away and don’t have the chance to try on clothes or take a look at a vehicle or appliance you want to buy.

Today we must limit ourselves to seeing photographs or some promotional video, but in the metaverse we will have the possibility of interact with a product before its purchase at various levels. It will not be the same as having it in front of you but the differences will be minimal. And with the advantages that everything is digital and capable of being enhanced and enriched with information that in the real world we cannot integrate.

The metaverse in education

I discussed this topic in a previous article. And although it requires a lot of effort on everyone’s part, creating educational content for the metaverse will make the education of the future reach everyone with the advantages of audiovisual resources. It is not about infantilizing or turning education into a show.

But using the strategies of the entertainment industry, we can make spread knowledge be a pleasant and fun experience for everyone inside and outside the metaverse thanks to the many possibilities that promises the virtual reality. There are many examples and they all pursue the same goal: to teach as well as possible with the best tools available.

Yes indeed. As with the concept of the virtual office, it remains to be seen how much time we dedicate to the virtual classroom within the metaverse, making it compatible with the face to face classes and current teaching methods. Or put another way, a challenge will be to find the balance between physical and virtual inside and outside the educational center.

Professional fields

Today the metaverse is seen as a place to socialize, attend massive events, and basically play against other opponents. But there is also room for work in the metaverse. And that is where the projects emphasize where Microsoft worksto cite the best known example.

On the one hand, the metaverse can be a virtual space in which to meet. Employees from different places and offices can digitally interact with their avatars, exchange information, etc. Something we saw in a previous article. This option should not be abused, but it is an improvement over phone calls to current video calls.

But beyond the use of the metaverse to telecommute, it can also be a good solution for employee teletraining. Internships such as courses, workshops or training of all kinds as a complement or job improvement, can be carried out by traditional methods or using more innovative methodologies. An interesting example: holding workshops on safety at work through virtual reality in the metaverse.

Or according to which professional sectors, perform simulations, drills or practices to deal with daily practices in the most optimal way or to react to special situations as quickly as possible. A method of “training” teams or departments to better execute their tasks in a way that is easier to monitor to extract actionable conclusions.