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Essential tricks to increase the WiFi signal and play without cuts

Essential tricks to increase the WiFi signal and play without cuts

Imagine that you are in the middle of an intense game, just a few points away from winning. When all of a sudden your game momentarily freezes. wouldn’t you wish boost Wi Fi signal at that moment? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to minimize lag and maintain a consistent gaming experience.

Practical tips to increase the WiFi signal

If you feel like your signal has slowed down, there are multiple tools you can use to boost signal Wifi. As a result, we have some simple tips that can help you optimize your network:

Update your router

There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your router. One of them is that this could be the reason for your slow online gaming experience. A new router with easy setup options and better performance should boost Wi Fi signal for games, making it faster.

Adjust the direction of the antenna

Most routers these days come with a combination of two or more external antennas. One tip is to align the antenna on WiFi routers, parallel to the antenna to your gaming device. In effect, this can provide a significant increase in the maximum speed of the network.

So it would be useful to keep one antenna vertical and the other horizontal. In this way, once you are connected to your online game, you will notice how it begins to boost Wi Fi signal.

For the greatest network coverage or for the Internet signal to cover the greatest distance, make sure your router is in a central location within your home. This allows the signal to disperse more evenly in multiple directions.

In fact, the higher, the better. For example, in a two story house, it’s best to place your router on a high shelf. You can try having it near the ceiling on the first floor or on the floor on the second floor.

Check your cable Internet connection

Before you blame your WiFi, make sure the signal coming into your home is working as it should. Find an Ethernet cable and connect your computer directly to a modem. You may need a USB to Ethernet adapter if your laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

Once you have everything ready, run a speed test. If it does not match the speed of your contracted services, you will need to call your provider or replace your modem. On the contrary, if your test does not match the contracted speed, it may be time to get a better plan with more capacity to boost Wi Fi signal.

Reduce the number of connected devices

For online gaming, the WiFi connection at home should be such that the network is not too crowded. Connecting multiple devices to the Internet access point can cause a drop in Internet speed. Indeed, when you are playing online games, you should disconnect the other devices that use the Internet to boost Wi Fi signal.

check for interference

When your router or game controller is placed near devices that emit radio frequency waves, you may experience unwanted delays. If you are losing games in your online games, this could be due to interference.

Moving your router and gaming device away from sources of interference can help keep gaming consistent and boost Wi Fi signal.

A simple reboot as a quick fix

Not rebooting your router frequently could be one of the reasons hindering the efficiency of the WiFi network in your home. Reboot your router regularly or schedule an automatic reboot to get the best signal for every game.

Signal repeaters are your friends

WiFi repeaters and WiFi boosters act as a secondary base where your signal can jump from. Installing one of these in your home will do wonders for boosting your WiFi signal, especially in the farthest corners.

The only downside is that they use the signal from the base router, so you may encounter a slight delay which could be occasionally annoying if you’re playing video games online.

Finally, to get more speed there are more alternatives that you can explore. One of them is to get a dual band WiFi Internet service. However, this feature is reserved for game consoles that support connecting to 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies at the same time. we hope you can boost Wi Fi signal and improve your gaming experience by following some of the methods mentioned above.