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Ecosia is now a default search engine option on iOS, iPadOS, macOS


Ecosia is now a default search engine option on iOS, iPadOS, macOS

Ecosia is a privacy-first, tree-planting search engine around the world, and with the Monday updates, it’s now available as a default search engine setting on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Ecosia uses its revenue from search ads to fund tree planting around the world in harsh environments. The search engine does not track users, it encrypts searches and anonymizes the data one week after it is created.

Ad revenue generated by Apple users alone has planted more than seven million trees in 2020, and now you can do more by making it the default search engine. The website shows that more than 115 million trees have been planted so far as a result of search revenue.

Users can customize what data is collected by using the Safari browser extension or by modifying settings on the website, which creates a cookie to store those settings. Ecosia uses keyword searches instead of profiling user data and hyper-targeting. The company also makes its earnings reports public to show exactly where the finances are distributed.

Browsers that can be set as default in Safari settings:


When you set a default search engine, it will replace Google in all places where web search is performed on the device within the operating system, except when using Siri. Spotlight search will pull data from anywhere on the device or use the default search engine to display web results. When asking Siri for information, it will search Google using a random identifier so Google doesn’t know it’s you.

Set Ecosia as your default browser on iOS and iPadOS by navigating to Settings, scroll to Safari, and select Search Engine. On macOS, set the default search engine from Safari settings.

Users who want to set Ecosia as the default must update to iOS 14.3, iPadOS 14.3, or macOS 11.1 to do so.

As plainly Apple adds competitors to Google to its platform, it seems as if Apple itself is preparing an internal search engine. While the web crawlers used by Apple could be related to boosting Siri results, it could also indicate a larger project for Apple’s search engine.