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Dream Alone: ​​Review, Trailer and Gameplay

Dream Alone: ​​Review, Trailer and Gameplay

Today we will take you to the world of Dream Alone, a dreary, sad and obscure platformer that we have had the opportunity to try for you on Switch, with kind permission Fat Dog Games.

Dream Alone Review

Dream Alone is a 2D platformer that is reminiscent in some ways Limbo, populated by enemies and deadly traps, environmental puzzles to be solved and dark and melancholy environments.

The game begins when a mysterious disease strikes a village, the inhabitants fall into a coma, leading entire families to a state of trance.

A child who has survived the disease decides to go on a long journey to find the legendary sorceress, able to cure her village of the disease. The adventure is divided into levels, divided into various settings including a forest, a cemetery, a ghost town and others for a total of 21.

Each level boasts an alternate version, which differs from the original in traps and items.

Dream Alone recalls old school platformers with similar gameplay mechanics to those seen in Limbo, where death is around the corner at every opportunity. The difference compared to the signed masterpiece Playdead, lies in the possibility for the protagonist to use special powers for a total of 3.

The first power allows you to catapult yourself from one reality to another, the second to clone yourself and the third to turn on a light that allows you to illuminate the path. Powers consume mana for use, so you will often come across red and blue bottles.

The powers provided can only be used to solve puzzles and continue the journey, leading us to avoid monsters without being able to attack them.

The child can also interact with crates or boulders to climb high above areas, avoid the traps and enemies present in the scenario. Along the level there are checkpoints, which allow you to resume the game from the last point reached in case of death.

The graphic department of Dream Alone it is mostly dark, white, black and gray are the masters. All the settings of the game leverage the melancholy and sadness of the protagonist, in a desperate attempt to bring his village back to life.

The audio sector is excellent, which fits perfectly with the settings, minimizing the effects present to fully immerse the player in the atmosphere created.

Dream Alone it is a game that must be appreciated, played and completed despite the first few times you will often die very easily, due to the presence of deadly traps scattered along the way.

The initial absence of a light source capable of facilitating the player in identifying the dangers, will cause the child to die continuously, a frustration that if overcome will allow you to live a respectable gaming experience.

The title behaves very well both on the big screen and on the move, although the first option is to be preferred, especially considering that the environments are so dark that it will often happen to end up in a trap.

Dream Alone it lives up to Limbo? Certainly not, but it is an adventure that deserves to be played from start to finish, despite the dubious animations of the protagonist.

Dream Alone Gameplay Trailer