Doom Eternal: check out the comparison between PS4 Pro and Switch


Doom Eternal is finally available for Switch and the GameXplain team was impressed with Panic Button’s efforts to adapt the port. The channel made a comparison of the Betehesda game running on the Big N console and on the PS4 Pro.

Considering that the Nintendo console lacks the power of the PS4 Pro, the new Doom runs very well, with a satisfactory frame rate and well-rendered animations in the cutscenes.

André Segers, from GameXplain, expressed his surprise at how well the port works on the Big N console and said that “it is remarkable that the game runs on the Switch and looks so good”. Check out the video:

Obviously, taking into account the firepower of the Nintendo console, it is impossible not to mention that Doom Eternal has a much lower quality compared to the PS4 Pro.

However, it is impressive that the game is running so well, not to mention the fact that you basically have a title of this caliber on a laptop, a benefit that certainly has to be taken into account.

(Source: Bethesda / Reproduction)

According to the VG Tech channel, the game runs on the dock (TV) with a maximum resolution of 1280 by 720. As for the portable mode, the maximum resolution drops to 1088 by 612. Regarding the frame rate, Doom Eternal on the Switch runs at 30FPS. However, in cutscenes, the rate drops to 20 FPS in portable mode. Check out the video:

Doom Eternal is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Yesterday, day December 8, he also won a port for the Nintendo Switch. The upgrade to the new generation of consoles may still take a while, according to Bethesda.

It is worth remembering that the game also competes for the game of the year category at The Game Awards, the Oscar of games that takes place this Thursday (10).