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Dolphin Browser turbocharges with Dolphin Engine (video)


Dolphin Browser turbocharges with Dolphin Engine (video)

The development team of Dolphin Browser is working on an important update which will introduce the new one Dolphin Enginecapable of rendering HTML5 pages up to 10x faster than the stock Android browser and twice as fast as Chrome (in beta).

What is Dolphin Engine in Beta?

Dolphin Engine is an improved webkit version with extensive canvas enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology that makes it the highest performing HTML5 browser available today.

What does highest performing mean?

Dolphin has placed particular attention to canvas element, 2D context and text rendering. In addition, Dolphin Engine made significant GPU technology improvements around GPU accelerated canvas rendering and optimized CPU / GPU parallel computing.

Those who want to try it in preview can do it thanks to the apk released by the developers, downloadable at this link. Below is a video comparing the three browsers – Chrome, Dolphin and stock:

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