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Discover the wonderful world of digital wellness tools

Discover the wonderful world of digital wellness tools

Google has developed applications to improve the digital well being of smartphone users. These are tools that monitor the use of mobile devices so that, after analysis, we can regulate them to achieve a balance in our digital habits.

We spend more and more time looking at our smartphone. No matter what type of user profile you are, the rapid growth in the use of mobile phones is generating that, on some occasions, the technology and the digitization eclipses to ‘real’ life. For this reason, in the last year we have seen how Google Play it has been filled with digital wellness tools. You do not know what it is?

When we talk about digital wellness apps, we mean tools that help you analyze the time you spend in front of your smartphone. Thanks to analysis of the applications you use the most, the hours of the day you spend in front of your mobile phone and many other interesting details, we can get to know each other better as a user. This is great so that, as I was saying, you can learn about your digital habits and improve your digital well being.

Although we know that technology is here to help us, we must find a balance between digital life and real life. Google is aware of this, and we explain how it can lend you a hand so that you can connect a little more with real life.

Google and its digital wellbeing tool

The tech giant launched its digital wellness app a few months ago. It is a complete application with which you can use timers to set limits on the use of appsschedule screen dimming to rest at night, or turn on distraction free mode to better manage your time when you’re at work, school, or home.

For example, when your application notifies you that between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. your use of social networks skyrockets, perhaps it is better to regulate it so that you do not get distracted during study or rest hours.

Five experiments from Google Creative Lab

The programmers and developers of Google Creative Lab have launched a curious wallpaper and an experimental app about our digital habits:

Unlock Clock

It is a nice Animated wallpaper that allows us to see how many times we have unlocked our smartphone. This is great to count all those times that we unlock the phone so we don’t remember exactly what…

Desert Island

This tool is used so that we can block those applications that distract us so much. In this way, as if it were a castaway, just use the must have apps.


The app allows us to select the apps for each moment of the day. For example, when we are studying we can only use certain tools. The same happens in the work period. It is the archenemy of social media…

post box

We do not want unnecessary distractions! Post Box works as a kind of “inbox” that limit the frequency of notifications What do you receive on the day? In addition, it categorizes the notifications and shows them to us at the time we program.

We Flip

A great tool for when you are having a drink with your friends. It is a group apps in which, after associating the different smartphones, we can perform a digital disconnection through a simple switch. When the switch is turned off, no one will be able to unlock the phone until the session ‘owner’ turns it on.