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DiRT RALLY arrives on consoles

DiRT RALLY arrives on consoles

Milan, February 22, 2016 – Codemasters & Koch Media have released a developer diary for DiRT Rally® in which the team discusses the success aspects of the game and its path to release on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC (DVD) on April 5, 2016. The video is available here youtube.com/dirtgame

In the video, the DiRT team talks about the reasons behind the great success of the series that has become increasingly focused, more challenging and with a greater rallycross component that has brought it very close to its early stages of play with Colin McRae.

The developers discuss DiRT Rally’s Early Access program on Steam and how feedback from the Dirt community has helped shape the title into an exciting and authentic racing game that delivers an unforgettable thrilling feeling on the tracks, which players will have. way to try console soon.

The team explains the ideas behind the game and the key elements that will immerse players in the fast-paced, dangerous world of a rally driver. They also discuss the laborious process of selecting, researching and building game environments to offer a wide range of stadiums that challenge players’ stamina and concentration.

“The pillar around which all game creation revolves is to offer the best and most authentic rally experience ever,” says Paul Coleman, Chief Games Designer “We started from scratch, looking for what we needed for the tracks, as we would have had to work on the cars to make sure they were balanced with each other and that they would give the right feeling while driving them; the sense of fluidity on the road and that of imminent danger by going off the track. All these aspects show what it means to be a true rally driver and his mentality of approach to every challenge. “

DiRT Rally is now available on Steam and will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (DVD) on April 5, 2016.

Available now for pre-order, the Limited Legend Edition of DiRT Rally, includes the documentary on Colin McRae: Rally Legend. The film tells the whole story of this rally icon who inspired the Dirt series, from his personal story to that of a champion at the top of the charts from the early moments of his career, to his great achievements in the world of rallying, to his involvement. with the famous publisher Codemasters.

The Limited Legend Edition also includes the Fully Loaded MINI Pack, which fully unlocks upgrades for the MINI Cooper S from the start of the game, giving the car an exclusive livery and offering a unique mechanical team to take advantage of.