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Demon’s Souls Remake: Review, Gameplay Trailer and Screenshot

Demon’s Souls Remake: Review, Gameplay Trailer and Screenshot

There nextgen from Sony started with titles like Godfall, Astro’s Playroom, Sackboy A Great Adventure And Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, the only one was missing on our portal until now PS5 exclusive, today, therefore, after spending time with him, we want to share with you the Demon’s Souls Remake review.

Originally developed on PS3 back in 2009 from From Software, Demon’s Souls is back with a splendid one Remake, in conjunction with the PS5 launch, just as it happened at the time with the original title, the success of which over the years led to the development of the saga Dark Souls as well as an industrial quantity of titles belonging to the genre Souls.

Demon’s Souls Remake Review

Demon’s Souls is back, more ruthless than ever for new players, and ready to give tears to those who grew up with the original title on PS3, which gave birth to a niche genre, aimed only at the most patient and experienced players, who did not know and still does not know pity. The game begins with the creation of your character, from the physical appearance to the characteristics, choice of class and first equipment, although it is possible during the adventure to master weapons, shields and various types of objects.

The choice of class is not random, it depends on the type of approach you want to have in battle, from weapons capable of inflicting little damage but fast and that consume less stamina, to larger and slower but effective ones, which need stamina. decidedly greater, leading the character to tire more easily, thus excluding the possibility of dodging or parrying. You will therefore spend time in the creation of your alter ego, which will accompany you for the entire duration of the adventure, whose narration is not entrusted to cutscenes, as usually happens in a role-playing game, but to the documents scattered around the scenario. .

If you have played others Souls, you will recognize the system used by the development team to allow players to collaborate with each other, through the release of messages of warnings and advice at strategic points, such as the presence of a Boss or a trap, bonus items and more. In this regard, we anticipate right away that yes, there is online co-op and competitive multiplayer, although it is not possible to face the entire adventure with friends. Players can invade other realms or summon the help of other players before taking on a boss if they have what it takes to do so.

There are no characters to meet, ready to help you in combat, you will be alone both in the exploratory phases and in the fight with the bosses. Exploring the scenarios you will come across equipment to recover, consumables, enemies to defeat and various curiosities. Spend a lot of time getting rid of the superfluous, wearing better equipment, changing not only weapons but also armor, spending the points obtained to unlock new skills and the money accumulated for shopping. Carrying a good number of consumables with you will come in handy to survive. As anticipated you will have available not only the life bar but also the stamina, which will empty more or less quickly depending on your actions, recharging gradually.

Dodging, parrying, attacking even running will lead you to consume stamina, so you will have to decide carefully what to do, implementing the best strategy in combat. Each enemy, no matter how fearsome or big, has a set of attacks and movements that must be studied to get the better of it, deciding the right moment to attack, defend you or even just run away. If you come from the original game, you will recognize the same contents, although the team has decided to remain faithful as much as possible to the game of From Software, added his own.

In addition to the aids mentioned, i.e. messages left by other players, Demon’s Souls Remake it is compatible with the system available exclusively PS5, which allows you to access a series of video tutorials created by developers and communities, in order to show how to deal with specific situations, although this does not imply lowering the level of difficulty of the title, but this allows those who are unable to continue the adventure to have suggestions. Reaching the end credits will take you about 40 hours of your time, which increase exponentially if you decide to retrace your steps to level, defeating enemies already beaten in the past.

The game world is dotted with checkpoints, which allow you to repeat the last section in case of death, but lose a certain amount of accumulated experience, which can be recovered by reaching the burial site. You will therefore find yourself proceeding with extreme caution especially when you have a lot to lose, before reaching the next checkpoint where you can refresh yourself and spend the points obtained to get new skills.

The choice to make it exclusively available on PS5, allowed the team to work better on the title, offering 2 graphics options, one aimed at resolution, which allows you to play in 4K but 30fps, the other instead at frame rate, with 60fps gameplay but less graphic details. It goes without saying that the generous hardware offered by PS5 makes uploads almost non-existent, with visually appealing and detailed scenarios and characters, all for a satisfying and engaging experience, beautiful to look at and enjoyable to play, as long as you have the patience to endure the high difficulty, if of course you are newbies with the genre Souls.

So don’t expect the classic Role playing game with the possibility of choosing the Easy level, which can be played in relaxation mode, reaching the end credits without too much effort, Demon’s Souls Remake it is severely punitive and rightly so in a title that has given rise to a niche genre albeit loved by many.


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