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Deliver US The Moon arrives on consoles

Deliver US The Moon arrives on consoles

KeokeN Interactive And Wired Productions are pleased to announce the arrival for the end of the year on consoles, di Deliver US The Moon, launched long ago on PC Steam and developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Deliver US The Moon takes us to the moon

Deliver Us The Moon is set in a future in which the resources on Earth are exhausted, humans put their hope in the Moon, where thanks to a special structure the necessary material is extracted, until a blackout stops the power supply that kept active the structure, forcing us to go to the place to investigate.

Over the course of the adventure we will find ourselves facing gravity, plowing through lunar deserts and exploring an abandoned and decaying space station, all with a detailed graphics compartment and third-person camera.

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Game features


The remnants of previous lunar missions have tons of stories to tell and secrets to unravel. Use your astronaut gear to uncover the truth about the last moments of the lunar colony.


There is no oxygen in space and failing systems hinder your journey to the Moon and its surface. Only the quick wit of a true adventurer will allow you to survive the dangers.


The lunar bases are now in ruins and making your way inside them is far from easy. Unlock tools that will help you overcome obstacles and dangers in your path.

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