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Dancing with digital communication

Dancing with digital communication

Two years ago, on a Tuesday morning, we published the first post of this blothinkbig.comthus starting a new path in Telefónica’s digital communication

Two years later, we still have everything to learn and to move forward. We have had and will have our ups and downs, our ups and downs. Always with enthusiasm and responsibility, immersed in a process of continuous improvement And all thanks to you, the readers.

About you I know that in addition to being interested in technology and innovation, inside and outside Telefónica, 40% of you are reading us from America, the rest fundamentally from Europe, and a growing 15% in English. The blog is no longer from anywhere, it is global, as are its content, editors and management team.

We also know that every day we are more, almost 2 million readers. Many of you are twitterers, and very twitterers, you are a very dynamic, active and influential community. We’ve been on Facebook for less time, and although there are fewer of you, the community also stands out for its level of activity.

I am not going to write about digital communication, there is infinite information that I would not like to repeat: open ecosystem, unstructured, networked, bidirectional, viral, evolutionary… Using the metaphor of dance, for me the digital communication is a popular dance in the town square, where some play music, others dance, and others are spectators. Where there is a certain choreography of steps, but also spontaneity and, always, a good rhythm. It is open, flexible and evolves as its members dowhich are mainly:

The readers. Without you there is no dance, there is no digital communication project, there would be no impact, no feedback, no conversation. So the first mention goes to you.
– Those who interact with the content and in the communities. The fingerprint of your steps tells us the type of dance you like and the rhythm to follow. With your dedication and feedback we learn and evolve, and you take the content to unsuspected places and heights.
– More than 260 authors. Firms of journalists, experts and managers are the creators of the content. Of these I will highlight that 70% are Telefónica employees, who without having any responsibility in communication issues, dedicate their time and effort to share their projects, experience and knowledge with all of us. I have doubted if putting the list of all, it could be excessive, but with the help of the tag cloud resource we have been able to do it:

This incredible dance between readers, creators, broadcasters, technology and managers happens against the backdrop of technology and innovation. The more than 2,000 posts published so far have been talking about Apps, Innovation, Startups, Technology, 3D Printing, Entrepreneurship, Security, Smartphones, Robotics, e health, Big Data, Internet, Nanotechnology and Telefónica.

Then we leave you the list of the 25 best posts and the worst, which I wrote.

Thank you all for being there! I hope we continue dancing together for many more years. Sorry about the stomps!

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