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Crytek versus second hand for the next generation of consoles

Crytek versus second hand for the next generation of consoles

Crytek has decided to speak out in favor of measures to block games used in the next generation consoles of the series “we favor piracy”.

Yes, with the blocking of used, piracy will take off like a space shuttle, because hackers will try in every way to pierce the consoles to allow those who cannot buy the games at a cost of 60 euros to download them! Now the market we can say that it goes on even if there are always pirates who prefer to download a game rather than spend those 10-15 € for used items (speaking of dated games of course).

We from gamerbrain we are of the opinion that if a user cannot afford to spend 60 euros for a game mainly due to the economic crisis, he can always buy it used for a much lower cost, if in the next generation of consoles the used ones will be just a memory where we will go to finish? In this way the software houses do not fight piracy but they favor it, don’t you think?

Rasmus Hojengaard, on CVG’s microphones, made the following statement that we at gamerbrain find to be annoying and irritating and we believe many to agree with us:

Block used? But it is wonderful from an economic point of view, indeed I am amazed that even today used is tolerated.

Crysis 2 was one of the most downloaded games on the net, something that we at gamerbrain do not tolerate because if a game deserves you have to buy it used, new, promo and so on. In practice, if you decide to buy a used one, the software houses do not peck a penny for this reason they are against the used and in favor of the new ones, if everyone bought used the market does not turn, but by abolishing them they do nothing but favor piracy.

We at gamerbrain hope that in the next generations of consoles the second-hand market will continue to live otherwise if the software houses want players to buy new games, then they should sell them for a maximum of 35 euros, don’t you think?