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Crazy Ideas: play with technology without any restrictions

Crazy Ideas: play with technology without any restrictions

For lovers and curious of technological innovation, the experience of being able to “fiddle”, investigate, prototype, fail, try again or succeed, is quite an adventure. On that journey, from playing with technology, sometimes “cool” things can come out. And sometimes, not so much, but success is not so much in the result, but rather in the path that is traveled until a need or a problem that has not been solved until now is solved.

Looking for answers in new technologies

Telefónica’s Crazy Ideas team is made up of restless profiles, challengers, expert researchers, who analyze and they search in the corners and depths of new technologies, the answers they need. And the best thing is the power of emotion to achieve it.

Sometimes his “research adventures” end up being registered patents. Sometimes things come out that simply amuse them, and sometimes they are the germ of something that they will rescue later. But what really motivates them is to try new technologies and, at this time, the innovation ecosystem offers them an infinite field of opportunities.

The Ideas Locas team has extensive experience challenging technology. Every year, they share that motivation, their projects and the technologies they work with. In addition to content where you can offer your learning, recommendations and knowledge acquired as explorers and challengers of innovation. The calls ‘CodeTalks4Devs by Crazy Ideas’ They are already in their sixth edition. They offer a catalog of chapters and contents accessible to all audiences, for those curious about technology; and also, for those initiated in technological innovation issues.

How did CodeTalks come about and how has their evolution been?

The idea arose between 2016/2017 at the hands of Chema Alonso, currently Chief Digital Officer of Telefónica, responsible for Innovation, Data, Platforms, and Digital Products and Services in the company.

What expert in innovation of new digital products and servicesChema proposed to his Crazy Ideas team to create a new series of online talks focused on programming, research and the development of new technologies.

Season after season, the CodeTalks have been changing little by little to offer content not only aimed at programmers. Of course, without leaving behind the initial idea of bring closer some of the new projects and technologies with which the team works or exploresin your day to day.

What type of audience is this type of content aimed at?

For Sergio Sancho, from the Ideas Locas team at Telefónica: “it is not necessary to have previous knowledge of programming or about the technologies that are dealt with in each CodeTalks. We resort to demos or proofs of concept, to help understand how these tools work in a visual and intuitive way”.

The CodeTalks “are presented in the form of small talks or tutorials, where you can learn about new projects and tools that we are working on. In addition, they serve as a guide for all those who are currently starting out in technological innovation issues”, he explains.

What topics and content can be found in CodeTalks by Ideas Locas?

Since its origins, the topics presented in each of the CodeTalks are very varied, addressing all kinds of topics. That yes, always related to the most current technologies and showing some of the less conventional projects, in which the team usually works.

This new season of CodeTalks has content that will help you learn and discover, not only about technology, but also to learn a little more about the work carried out by Telefónica’s Crazy Ideas team.

From May to December of this year, we will find chapters on how to take the first steps in the world of Data Science or how the Blockchain works. They will also cover other interesting topics, such as 3D printing, how the Windows DLL works and the importance of the Front end. They will present very useful tools related to network auditing and pentesting.

Where can I find the contents of CodeTalks?

All the new content and its five previous editions are available on the Open Innovation Campus website. Do not miss it! If you want to delve into new technologies, new projects and tools, or investigate how they work, through interesting demos and proofs of conceptthe new season of CodeTalks4Devs by Ideas Locas has started!